Elections Committee

2018 Elections Committee

David Alan Grier, Chair


  • Kit Kuksenok
  • George Thiruvathukal
  • Fakhrul Haman Yusoff


Update: June 2018


The Elections Committee develops the timetable for implementing the Society's nominations and elections process, and monitors the execution of election policies and procedures established by the Board of Governors, ruling on questions and issues that arise.

The Elections Committee consists of at least three Society full grade members, none of whom will be a candidate for elected office during the term of that Elections Committee. The chair is appointed by the Society president.


30 August 2018

Vote Now and Avoid the Lines

David Alan Grier

Worried about the long lines at IEEE CS elections. Of course not. There won’t be any lines to cast ballots. Do you know why? It’s because of the contributions of our members. Over the past 50 years, our members invented and perfected the technology for the Internet. Because of their hard work, they created a technology that makes it easy to vote for the leadership of the Computer Society (and to do a few other things).

Our members could not develop, publicize or standardize their contributions without good society leadership. They will not have that good leadership without your vote. So go to our election web site, https://www.computer.org/web/election/,and vote for President-Elect, First and Second Vice President and 6 members of the Board of Governors. You’ll be supporting your fellow members for 2019.
And you should do it now, because there won’t be any lines.
Election of officers to one-year terms and of Board members to three-year terms, each beginning 1 January 2019, will be by vote of the membership as specified in the Society Bylaws. Ballots must be returned no later than 12:00 Noon EDT USA time on Monday, 24 September 2018.
Results of the election will be posted on computer.org and announced in the December issue of Computer.
David Alan Grier
2018 Election Committee Chair


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