Standards Activities Board Handbook

The mission of the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board (SAB) is to encourage Computer Society members to participate in standardization activities, to promote the use of IEEE standards, and to develop useful products that leverage IEEE standards within the scope of the Computer Society.

The SAB accomplishes this mission by working with other IEEE Computer Society boards and committees to provide standards leadership, by helping to ensure the vitality and success of IEEE Computer Society standards committees (Sponsors) operating under the auspices of the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (IEEE SASB), by helping to establish new standards activities in response to changes and advances in the computing profession, and by serving as a Sponsor for standards activities for which an appropriate existing Sponsor does not exist.

The standards development process followed by the Computer Society, is explained at, and there is a wealth of videos, tutorials, and courses about IEEE and other standards at If you are interested in developing standards or in becoming involved in standards development, please check out these resources and please contact [VP standards]. The SAB will be happy to answer questions and provide support.