2019 Standards Activities Board

Vice President:  Riccardo Mariani

Vice Chair: Karl Greb

Secretary: Debbie T. Brown

President, ex officio member: Cecilia Metra

Committee Chairs

Sponsor Chairs - Standards Committees

Cloud Computing: Steve Diamond

Design Automation (DASC): Stan Krolikoski

Cybersecurity & Privacy Standards Committee (CPSC) : Eric Hibbard

Learning Technology (LTSC): Avron Barr

Local Area Networks/MAN (IEEE802): Paul Nikolich

Microprocessor (MSC): Ralph Baker Kearfott 

Portable Applications - POSIX (PASC): Joseph Gwinn

Simulation Interoperability (SISO/SAC): Katherine Morse

Software & Systems Engineering (S2ESC): Edward Addy

Test Technology (TTSC): Adam Cron


Representatives to External Organizations

Liaisons to IEEE Committees



Revised February 2018