Cloud Governance and Security
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Course Description:

Migrating IT infrastructures to the Cloud is becoming a cost effective solution to the ever increasing burden of maintaining complex software and hardware systems. As with any new concept that plays a central role in business, the Cloud must be understood. Specifically, the differences between managing an in-house IT infrastructure versus a Cloud-based infrastructure are critical.

Seeing the Cloud as a process rather than a product, implementing a governance plan and developing Cloud metrics are all part of Cloud governance.

Additionally, securing data and processes within the Cloud are central to any migration considerations. Issues such as risk profiles, what information should and should not be committed to the Cloud, roles and rules, and access control must be taken into account. This course will examine these and other key concepts central to Cloud governance and data security.

Duration: 130 minutes

PDH: 2.16

CEU: 0.216

Module 1 – Governance in the Cloud

  • Introduction
  • Key governance concepts
  • Governance as a process vs. a product
  • The essential elements

Module 2 – Implementing Governance in the Cloud

  • Introduction
  • Governance in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Key governance metrics
  • Managing the governance process

Module 3 – Cloud Security

  • Introduction
  • The risk profile
  • Understanding the risks of the Cloud
  • Deciding what information belongs in the cloud

Module 4 – Maintaining Security

  • Introduction
  • Protecting your cloud based systems
  • Who has access?
  • Roles, rules and access

Cloud Governance and Security

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