The Community for Technology Leaders
Scientific and Statistical Database Management, International Conference on (2001)
Fairfax, Virginia
July 18, 2001 to July 20, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1218-6

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Invited Tutorial

Clustering Algorithms and Validity Measures (Abstract)

M. Halkidi , Athens University of Economics and Business
Y. Batistakis , Athens University of Economics and Business
M. Vazirgiannis , Athens University of Economics and Business
pp. 0003
Session 1: Statistical Databases

Modeling Statistical Metadata (Abstract)

H. Papageorgiou , University of Athens
Fragkiskos Pentaris , University of Athens
Eirini Theodorou , University of Athens
Maria Vardaki , University of Athens
Michalis Petrakos , University of Athens
pp. 0025

Semistructured Probabilistic Databases (Abstract)

Alex Dekhtyar , University of Kentucky
Judy Goldsmith , University of Kentucky
Sean R. Hawkes , University of Kentucky
pp. 0036
Session 2: Index Structures for SSDBM

An Extensible Index for Spatial Databases (Abstract)

Walid G. Aref , Purdue University
Ihab F. Ilyas , Purdue University
pp. 0049

2D TSA-Tree: A Wavelet-Based Approach to Improve the Efficiency of Multi-Level Spatial Data Mining (Abstract)

Cyrus Shahabi , University of Southern California
Seokkyung Chung , University of Southern California
Maytham Safar , Kuwait University
George Hajj , Jet Propulsion Laboratory
pp. 0059

Tracing Lineage of Array Data (Abstract)

Arunprasad P. Marathe , University of Waterloo
pp. 0069
Session 3: Data Mining and OLAP

Entropy Based Approximate Querying and Exploration of Datacubes (Abstract)

Themistoklis Palpanas , University of Toronto
Nick Koudas , AT&T Labs-Research
pp. 0081

OLAP Databases and Aggregation Functions (Abstract)

Hans-J. Lenz , Free University Berlin
Bernhard Thalheim , Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus
pp. 0091

Specifying OLAP Cubes on XML Data (Abstract)

Mikael R. Jensen , Aalborg University
Thomas H. Møller , Aalborg University
Torben Bach Pedersen , Aalborg University
pp. 0101
Session 4: Query Processing, Optimization and Constraints

An Efficient Query Strategy for Integrated Remote Sensing and Inventory (Spatial) Databases (Abstract)

Ranga R. Vatsavai , University of Minnesota
Thomas E. Burk , University of Minnesota
Shashi Shekhar , University of Minnesota
Mark H. Hansen , North Central Research Station
pp. 0115

Using Association Rules to Add or Eliminate Query Constraints Automatically (Abstract)

Agathoniki Trigoni , University of Cambridge
Ken Moody , University of Cambridge
pp. 0124

Rewrite Rules for Quantified Subqueries in a Federated Database (Abstract)

Graham J.L. Kemp , University of Aberdeen
Peter M.D. Gray , University of Aberdeen
Andreas R. Sjöstedt , University of Aberdeen
pp. 0134
Session 5: Clustering Techniques

Clustering High Dimensional Massive Scientific Datasets (Abstract)

Ekow J. Otoo , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Arie Shoshani , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Seung-won Hwang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 0147

BitCube: A Three-Dimensional Bitmap Indexing for XML Documents (Abstract)

Jong P. Yoon , University of Louisiana
Vijay Raghavan , University of Louisiana
Venu Chakilam , University of Louisiana
pp. 0158
Session 6: System Architectures and Methods

Metacat: A Schema-Independent XML Database System (Abstract)

Chad Berkley , University of California, Santa Barbara
Matthew Jones , University of California, Santa Barbara
Jivka Bojilova , University of California, Santa Barbara
Daniel Higgins , University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 0171

Earth System Science Workbench: A Data Management Infrastructure for Earth Science Products (Abstract)

James Frew , University of California, Santa Barbara
Rajendra Bose , University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 0180
Session 7: Performance of Spatio-Temporal Data Structures

Cost-Based Unbalanced R-Trees (Abstract)

Kenneth A. Ross , Columbia University
Inga Sitzmann , The University of Melbourne
Peter J. Stuckey , The University of Melbourne
pp. 0203

Efficient Historical R-Trees (Abstract)

Yufei Tao , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dimitris Papadias , Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 0223
Session 8: Panel Session
Session 9: Poster and Demo Session

Ontology Negotiation between Scientific Archives (Abstract)

Sidney C. Bailin , Knowledge Evolution, Inc.
Walt Truszkowski , NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
pp. 0245

An XML-Based Distributed Metadata Server (DIMES) Supporting Earth Science Metadata (Abstract)

Ruixin Yang , George Mason University
Xinhua Deng , George Mason University
Menas Kafatos , George Mason University
Changzhou Wang , George Mason University
X. Sean Wang , George Mason University
pp. 0251

A Feasible Method to Find Areas with Constraints Using Hierarchical Depth-First Clustering (Abstract)

Kwang-Su Yang , George Mason University
Ruixin Yang , George Mason University
Menas Kafatos , George Mason University
pp. 0257

Integrating Distributed Scientific Data Sources with MOCHA and Xroaster (Abstract)

Manuel Rodríguez-Martínez , University of Maryland
Nick Roussopoulos , University of Maryland
John M. McGann , University of Maryland
Stephen Kelley , University of Maryland
Jim Mokwa , University of Maryland
Benjamin White , University of Maryland
Joseph JáJá , University of Maryland
pp. 0263

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