The Community for Technology Leaders
Shape Modeling and Applications, International Conference on (2005)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
June 13, 2005 to June 17, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2379-X
Short Papers

Volumetric data analysis using Morse-Smale complexes (Abstract)

pp. 320,321,322,323,324,325
Topological Modeling of Shapes

Preface (PDF)

pp. ix
Invited Talk
Shape Reconstruction

Reconstructing B-spline Curves from Point Clouds--A Tangential Flow Approach Using Least Squares Minimization (Abstract)

Yang Liu , University of Hong Kong
Huaiping Yang , University of Hong Kong
Wenping Wang , University of Hong Kong
pp. 4-12

Visualization of Point-Based Surfaces with Locally Reconstructed Subdivision Surfaces (Abstract)

Tamy Boubekeur , LaBRI - INRIA - CNRS
Patrick Reuter , LIPSI - ESTIA - CNRS
Christophe Schlick , LaBRI - INRIA - CNRS
pp. 23-32

Convection-Driven Dynamic Surface Reconstruction (Abstract)

R?mi All?gre , Universit? Claude Bernard
Rapha?lle Chaine , Universit? Claude Bernard
Samir Akkouche , Universit? Claude Bernard
pp. 33-42
Subdivision Surfaces

Remeshing Schemes for Semi-Regular Tilings (Abstract)

Ergun Akleman , Texas A&M University
Vinod Srinivasan , Texas A&M University
Esan Mandal , Texas A&M University
pp. 44-50

An Accurate Error Measure for Adaptive Subdivision Surfaces (Abstract)

Xiaobin Wu , University of Florida
J? Peters , University of Florida
pp. 51-56
Invited Talk

Designing with Distance Fields (PDF)

Sarah F. Frisken , Tufts University
Ronald N. Perry , Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
pp. 58-59
Shape Modeling and Design

Mesh Editing with an Embedded Network of Curves (Abstract)

Wan-Chiu Li , INRIA Lorraine
Bruno L?vy , INRIA Lorraine
Jean-Claude Paul , Tsinghua University
pp. 62-71

Minimal-Cut Model Composition (Abstract)

T. Hassner , Weizmann Institute of Science
L. Zelnik-Manor , California Institute of Technology
G. Leifman , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
R. Basri , Weizmann Institute of Science
pp. 72-81

Rational Spherical Splines for Genus Zero Shape Modeling (Abstract)

Ying He , Stony Brook University, Stony Brook
Xianfeng Gu , Stony Brook University, Stony Brook
Hong Qin , Stony Brook University, Stony Brook
pp. 82-91
Implicit Surfaces

Anisotropic Meshing of Implicit Surfaces (Abstract)

Sergei Azernikov , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Anath Fischer , Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
pp. 94-103

Interactive Implicit Modeling with Hierarchical Spatial Caching (Abstract)

Ryan Schmidt , University of Calgary
Brian Wyvill , University of Calgary
Eric Galin , LIRIS - CNRS
pp. 104-113

A Programmable Particle System Framework for Shape Modeling (Abstract)

Wen Y. Su , University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
John C. Hart , University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
pp. 114-123

Robust Particle Systems for Curvature Dependent Sampling of Implicit Surfaces (Abstract)

Miriah D. Meyer , University of Utah
Pierre Georgel , Ecole Normale Sup?rieure Paris
Ross T. Whitaker , University of Utah
pp. 124-133
Physically-Based Modeling

Design and Manipulation of Polygonal Models in a Haptic, Stereoscopic Virtual Environment (Abstract)

Jing Hua , Wayne State University
Ye Duan , University of Missouri at Columbia
Hong Qin , Stony Brook University
pp. 146-155
Geometry Synthesis

Stochastic Microgeometry for Displacement Mapping (Abstract)

Craig A. Schroeder , Drexel University
David E. Breen , Drexel University
Christopher D. Cera , Drexel University
William C. Regli , Drexel University
pp. 166-175

Geometry Synthesis by Example (Abstract)

Ares Lagae , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Olivier Dumont , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Philip Dutr? , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
pp. 176-185

Real Time L-System Generated Trees Based on Modern Graphics Hardware (Abstract)

X. Baele , Universit? Libre de Bruxelles
N. Warz? , Universit? Libre de Bruxelles
pp. 186-195
Invited Talk
Shape Analysis and Processing

Two-Dimensional Visibility Charts for Continuous Curves (Abstract)

Gershon Elber , Technion
Robert Sayegh , Technion
Gill Barequet , Technion
Ralph R. Martin , Cardiff University
pp. 208-217

Contouring 1- and 2-Manifolds in Arbitrary Dimensions (Abstract)

Joon-Kyung Seong , Seoul National University
Gershon Elber , Technion
pp. 218-227

Feature Sensitive Mesh Segmentation with Mean Shift (Abstract)

Hitoshi Yamauchi , MPI Informatik
Seungyong Lee , Pohang University of Science & Technology
Yunjin Lee , Pohang University of Science & Technology
Yutaka Ohtake , Volume-CAD Development Team
Alexander Belyaev , MPI Informatik
Hans-Peter Seidel , MPI Informatik
pp. 238--245

Curvature Maps for Local Shape Comparison (Abstract)

Timothy Gatzke , Washington University in St. Louis
Cindy Grimm , Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Garland , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Steve Zelinka , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
pp. 246-255
Mesh Parametrization

Practical Spherical Embedding of Manifold Triangle Meshes (Abstract)

Shadi Saba , Technion
Irad Yavneh , Technion
Craig Gotsman , Harvard University
pp. 258-267

Free-Boundary Linear Parameterization of 3D Meshes in the Presence of Constraints (Abstract)

Zachi Karni , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik
Craig Gotsman , Technion
Steven J. Gortler , Harvard University
pp. 268-277

Discrete Tensorial Quasi-Harmonic Maps (Abstract)

Rhaleb Zayer , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik
Christian R?ssl , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik
Hans-Peter Seidel , Max-Planck-Institut f?r Informatik
pp. 278-287
Topological Modeling of Shapes

Computational Topology for Reconstruction of Surfaces with Boundary: Integrating Experiments and Theory (Abstract)

K. Abe , University of Connecticut
J. Bisceglio , University of Connecticut
T. J. Peters , University of Connecticut
A. C. Russell , University of Connecticut
T. Sakkalis , Agricultural University of Athens
pp. 290-299

Epsilon-Regular Sets and Intervals (Abstract)

Jianchang Qi , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vadim Shapiro , University of Wisconsin-Madison
pp. 310-319
Short Papers

Fast Processing of Triangle Meshes using Triangle Fans (Abstract)

Eric Galin , Universit? Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Samir Akkouche , Universit? Claude Bernard Lyon 1
pp. 328-333

The Half-Edge Tree: A Compact Data Structure for Level-of-Detail Tetrahedral Meshes (Abstract)

Emanuele Danovaro , University of Genova
Leila De Floriani , University of Genova
Paola Magillo , University of Genova
Enrico Puppo , University of Genova
Davide Sobrero , University of Genova
Neta Sokolovsky , Ben Gurion University of the Negev
pp. 334-339

Calculation and Visualisation of the Thickness of 3D CAD Models (Abstract)

J. G. Lambourne , Imperial College London
D. Brujic , Imperial College London
Z. Djuric , Silvaco Technology Centre
M. Ristic , Imperial College London
pp. 340-344

Mesh Refinement Based on Euler Encoding (Abstract)

Le-Jeng Shiue , University of Florida
J? Peters , University of Florida
pp. 345-350

Local Mesh Operators: Extrusions Revisited (Abstract)

Eric Landreneau , Texas A&M University
Ergun Akleman , Texas A&M University
Vinod Srinivasan , Texas A&M University
pp. 351-356

Shape Complexity Based on Mutual Information (Abstract)

Jaume Rigau , Universitat de Girona
Miquel Feixas , Universitat de Girona
Mateu Sbert , Universitat de Girona
pp. 357-362

3D Object Retrieval using Many-to-many Matching of Curve Skeletons (Abstract)

Nicu D. Cornea , Rutgers University
M. Fatih Demirci , Drexel University
Deborah Silver , Rutgers University
Ali Shokoufandeh , Drexel University
Sven J. Dickinson , University of Toronto
Paul B. Kantor , Rutgers University
pp. 368-373

Radius-Normal Histogram and Hybrid Strategy for 3D Shape Retrieval (Abstract)

Xiang Pan , Zhejiang University
Yin Zhang , Zhejiang University
Sanyuan Zhang , Zhejiang University
Xiuzi Ye , Zhejiang University
pp. 374-379
Color Plates

Color Plates (PDF)

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