The Community for Technology Leaders
1978 The Second Annual Symposium on Computer Application in Medical Care (1978)
Washington, DC, USA
Nov. 5, 1978 to Nov. 9, 1978

Authors index (PDF)

pp. 0_21-0_22

Fundamentals Of Biomedical Image Processing (PDF)

H.K. Huang , Georgetown University
pp. 8-14

Quantitative Parameters Of Regional Myocardial Function (PDF)

R.F. Kiepfer , National Naval Medical Center
pp. 56-58

The Impact Of Computers In Nuclear Medicine (PDF)

P.O. Alderson , The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
pp. 59-64

Computers In Radiation Oncology: The Third Decade (PDF)

E.S. Sternick , Tufts-New England Medical Center
pp. 76-85

Need For Treatment Planning Program Verification (PDF)

J.A. Deye , George Washington University Medical Center
pp. 100-102

Computers In Mental Health: Where Are Me Now? (PDF)

J.H. Johnson , Eastern Virginia Medical School
pp. 104-108

Mental Health Information Systems: Some National Trends (PDF)

J.L. Hedlund , University of Missouri-Columbia
pp. 109-116

Micro-Computers In Biofeedback (PDF)

J.M. James , Cyborg Corporation
pp. 122-124

Patient Counseling By Computer (PDF)

W.V. Slack , Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Hospital
pp. 222-226

A Self Administered Health Hazard Appraisal (PDF)

L.J. Van Cura , University of Massachuestts Medical Center
pp. 231-232

Patient Responses to Computer Counseling (PDF)

D. Porter , Harvard Medical Schcol and Beth Israel Hospital
pp. 233-237

The Computerized Use Of Medical Knowledge (PDF)

W.S. Yamamoto , The George Washington University Medical Center
pp. 242-243

Modeling Of Intracranial Pressure Dynamics (PDF)

R.L. Griffith , Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth University
pp. 244-253

Treatment Protocols As Hierarchical Structures (PDF)

M. Ben-Bassat , From the Institute of Critical Care Medicine
pp. 261-266

Diagnosis Profile System (PDF)

R.M. Jones , Saint Joseph Hospital
pp. 267-277

Natural Language Access To A Melanoma Data Base (PDF)

M.N. Epstein , National Institutes of Health
pp. 320-325

Medikas - An Interactive Knowledge Acquisition System (PDF)

A.B. Baskin , University of Illinois College of Medicine
pp. 344-350

Introduction to "Representation of Medical Knowledge" (PDF)

W.C. Mohler , National Institutes of Health
pp. 364-365

The Hepatitis Knowledge Base Prototype (PDF)

L.M. Bernstein , National Library of Medicine
pp. 366-367

"Representation Of Medical Knowledge" And Promis (PDF)

Staff , University of Vermont
pp. 368-400

Quo Vadis? (PDF)

M. Rubin , Georgetown University
pp. 406-407

Microcomputer Systems in Solo and Small Group Medical Practices (PDF)

R.E. Bremer , Clinical Systems Associates, Inc.
pp. 413-425

Computerized Patient Scheduling In A Clinic (PDF)

L.L. Rose , The Ohio State University
pp. 478-485

Health Care Systems - An Integrated Approach (PDF)

J.W. Hamilton , Sisters of Saint Mary Data Center
pp. 556-562

Laboratory Reports For The Physician (PDF)

S. Raymond , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 584-586

Using A Medical Information System To Improve The Quality Of Patient Care (PDF)

R.M. Sneider , Technicon Medical Information Systems Corp.
pp. 594-600

Clinical Usefulness Of ECG Frequency Spectrum Analysis (PDF)

V.K. Murthy , University of Southern California Medical Center
pp. 610-612

Computer-Assisted Radioimmunossay Analysis (PDF)

D. Jaarsma , Planning Systems Incorporated
pp. 613-616

Computerized Patient Monitoring - An Update (PDF)

M.J. Halloran , Hewlett Packard Company
pp. 629-633

Analog Computer in Anticoagulant Therapy (PDF)

J.R. Howell , Medical College of Virginia
pp. 650-651

A Conceptual Model For Health Care Information Systems (PDF)

A.P. Nadell , Health Affairs Data Element Standardization Task Force
pp. 652-655

A Model For Evaluation Of Data In Health Care Systems (PDF)

S.W. McDowell , Technicon Instruments Corporation
pp. 656-660
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