The Community for Technology Leaders
Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM'05) (2005)
Budapest, Hungary
Sept. 30, 2005 to Oct. 1, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2292-0

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pp. xi,xii

Fine-grained analysis of change couplings (Abstract)

B. Fluri , Dept. of Informatics, Zurich Univ., Switzerland
H.C. Gall , Dept. of Informatics, Zurich Univ., Switzerland
M. Pinzger , Dept. of Informatics, Zurich Univ., Switzerland
pp. 66-74

Transformations for Abstractions (Abstract)

Eelco Visser , Universiteit Utrecht
pp. 3-14
Session 1: Slicing

Forward slices are smaller than backward slices (Abstract)

David Binkley , Loyola College
Mark Harman , King?s College London
pp. 15-24

Abstract Slicing: A New Approach to Program Slicing Based on Abstract Interpretation and Model Checking (Abstract)

Hyoung Seok Hong , Concordia University
Insup Lee , University of Pennsylvania
Oleg Sokolsky , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 25-34

Dynamic Slicing of Java Bytecode Programs (Abstract)

Attila Szegedi , University of Szeged
Tibor Gyimothy , University of Szeged
pp. 35-44

Minimal Slicing and the Relationships Between Forms of Slicing (Abstract)

Dave Binkley , Loyola College
Sebastian Danicic , University of London
Tibor Gyimothy , University of Szeged
Mark Harman , King?s College London
Akos Kiss , University of Szeged
Bogdan Korel , Illinois Institute of Technology
pp. 45-56
Session 2: Concept Location

Fine-Grained Analysis of Change Couplings (Abstract)

Beat Fluri , University of Zurich, Switzerland
Harald C. Gall , University of Zurich, Switzerland
Martin Pinzger , University of Zurich, Switzerland
pp. 66-74
Session 3: Program Transformations I

Implementation and Verification of Implicit-Invocation Systems Using Source Transformation (Abstract)

Hongyu Zhang , Queen?s University
Jeremy S. Bradbury , Queen?s University
James R. Cordy , Queen?s University
Juergen Dingel , Queen?s University
pp. 87-96

Specifying Transformation Sequences as Computation on Program Fragments with an Abstract Attribute Grammar (Abstract)

Markus Schordan , Vienna University of Technology
Daniel Quinlan , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 97-106

Control Flow Graph Reconstruction for Assembly Language Programs with Delayed Instructions (Abstract)

Nerina Bermudo , Technische Universitat Wien
Andreas Krall , Technische Universitat Wien
Nigel Horspool , University of Victoria
pp. 107-118
Session 4: Pointer Analysis

Static Analysis for Computing Escapability and Mutability for Java Components (Abstract)

Aiwu Shi , Polytechnic University
Gleb Naumovich , Polytechnic University
pp. 119-128

A Fast Analysis for Thread-Local Garbage Collection with Dynamic Class Loading (Abstract)

Richard Jones , University of Kent
Andy C. King , Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, U.S.A.
pp. 129-138

Pointer Analysis for Source-to-Source Transformations (Abstract)

Marcio Buss , Columbia University
Stephen A. Edwards , Columbia University
Bin Yao , Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Daniel Waddington , Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
pp. 139-150
Session 5: Empirical Studies

Measuring the Impact of Friends on the Internal Attributes of Software Systems (Abstract)

Michael English , University of Limerick, Ireland
Jim Buckley , University of Limerick, Ireland
Tony Cahill , University of Limerick, Ireland
Kristian Lynch , Lund University, Sweden
pp. 151-160

Object-oriented cohesion as a surrogate of software comprehension: an empirical study (Abstract)

Steve Counsell , Brunel University
Stephen Swift , Brunel University
Allan Tucker , Brunel University
pp. 161-172
Session 6: Program Transformations II

Transforming Embedded Java Code into Custom Tags (Abstract)

Shannon Xu , Queen?s University, Canada
Thomas Dean , Queen?s University, Canada
pp. 173-182

Declassification: Transforming Java Programs to Remove Intermediate Classes (Abstract)

Bernadette Power , Carlow Institute of Technology,Ireland
G. W. Hamilton , Dublin City University
pp. 183-192
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