The Community for Technology Leaders
SC Conference (2000)
Dallas, Texas
Nov. 4, 2000 to Nov. 10, 2000
ISSN: 1063-9535
ISBN: 0-7803-9802-5

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Single sided MPI implementations for SUN MPI (Abstract)

S. Booth , The University of Edinburgh
E. Mourão , The University of Edinburgh
pp. 2

Automatically Tuned Collective Communications (Abstract)

Sathish S. Vadhiyar , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Graham E. Fagg , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jack Dongarra , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
pp. 3

Landing CG on EARTH: A Case Study of Fine-Grained Multithreading on an Evolutionary Path (Abstract)

Kevin B. Theobald , University of Delaware
Gagan Agrawal , University of Delaware
Rishi Kumar , University of Delaware
Gerd Heber , Cornell University
Guang R. Gao , University of Delaware
Paul Stodghill , Cornell University
Keshav Pingali , Cornell University
pp. 4

Parallel Smoothed Aggregation Multigrid : Aggregation Strategies on Massively Parallel Machines (Abstract)

Ray S. Tuminaro , Sandia National Laboratories
Charles Tong , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 5

Scalable Algorithms for Adaptive Statistical Designs (Abstract)

Robert Oehmke , University of Michigan
Janis Hardwick , University of Michigan
Quentin F. Stout , University of Michigan
pp. 6

Randomization, Speculation, and Adaptation in Batch Schedulers (Abstract)

Dejan Perkovic , University of Maryland
Peter J. Keleher , University of Maryland
pp. 7

An Object-Oriented Job Execution Environment (Abstract)

Lance Smith , San Jose State University & NASA Ames Research Center
Rod Fatoohi , San Jose State University & NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 8

Towards an Integrated, Web-executable Parallel Programming Tool Environment (Abstract)

Insung Park , Purdue University
Nirav H. Kapadia , Purdue University
Renato J. Figueiredo , Purdue University
Rudolf Eigenmann , Purdue University
José A. B. Fortes , Purdue University
pp. 9

A Comparison of Three Programming Models for Adaptive Applications on the Origin2000 (Abstract)

HONGZHANG SHAN , Princeton University
JASWINDER PAL SINGH , Princeton University
LEONID OLIKER , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
RUPAK BISWAS , NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 11

MPI versus MPI+OpenMP on the IBM SP for the NAS Benchmarks (Abstract)

Franck Cappello , Université Paris-Sud
Daniel Etiemble , Université Paris-Sud
pp. 12

A Wrapper Generator for Wrapping High Performance Legacy Codes as Java/CORBA Components (Abstract)

M. Li , Cardiff University
O. F. Rana , Cardiff University
M. S. Shields , Cardiff University
D. W. Walker , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
pp. 13

ESP: A System Utilization Benchmark (Abstract)

Adrian T. Wong , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Leonid Oliker , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
William T. C. Kramer , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Teresa L. Kaltz , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
David H. Bailey , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
pp. 15

PM2: High Performance Communication Middleware for Heterogeneous Network Environments (Abstract)

Toshiyuki Takahashi , Real World Computing Partnership, Japan
Shinji Sumimoto , Real World Computing Partnership, Japan
Atsushi Hori , Real World Computing Partnership, Japan
Hiroshi Harada , Real World Computing Partnership, Japan
Yutaka Ishikawa , Real World Computing Partnership, Japan
pp. 16

Architectural and Performance Evaluation of GigaNet and Myrinet Interconnects on Clusters of Small-Scale SMP Servers (Abstract)

Jenwei Hsieh , Dell Computer Corporation
Tau Leng , Dell Computer Corporation
Victor Mashayekhi , Dell Computer Corporation
Reza Rooholamini , Dell Computer Corporation
pp. 18

MPICH-GQ: Quality-of-Service for Message Passing Programs (PDF)

Alain Roy , The University of Chicago
Ian Foster , The University of Chicago; Argonne National Laboratory
William Gropp , Argonne National Laboratory
Nicholas Karonis , Northern Illinois University
Volker Sander , Central Institute for Applied Mathematics
Brian Toonen , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 19

Scalable Fault-Tolerant Distributed Shared Memory (Abstract)

Florin Sultan , Rutgers University
Thu Nguyen , Rutgers University
Liviu Iftode , Rutgers University
pp. 20

Realizing Fault Resilience in Web-Server Cluster (Abstract)

Chu-Sing Yang , National Sun Yat-Sen University
Mon-Yen Luo , National Sun Yat-Sen University
pp. 21

Data Access Performance in a Large and Dynamic Pharmaceutical Drug Candidate Database (Abstract)

Zina Ben Miled , Indiana University Purdue University
Yang Liu , Indiana University Purdue University
Dave Powers , Eli Lilly & Company
Omran Bukhres , Indiana University Purdue University
Michael Bem , Eli Lilly & Company
Robert Jones , Eli Lilly & Company
Robert Oppelt , Eli Lilly & Company
Samuel Milosevich , Eli Lilly & Company
pp. 22

Real-Time Biomechanical Simulation of Volumetric Brain Deformation for Image Guided Neurosurgery (Abstract)

Simon K. Warfield , Surgical Planning Laboratory
Matthieu Ferrant , Telecommunications Laboratory
Xavier Gallez , Universitié Catholique de Louvain
Arya Nabavi , Surgical Planning Laboratory; Department of Neurosurgery
Ferenc A. Jolesz , Surgical Planning Laboratory
Ron Kikinis , Surgical Planning Laboratory
pp. 23

Computer Simulations of Cardiac Electrophysiology (Abstract)

John B. Pormann , Duke University
Craig S. Henriquez , Duke University
John A. Board, Jr. , Duke University
Donald J. Rose , Duke University
David M. Harrild , Duke University
Alexandra P. Henriquez , North Carolina Supercomputing Center
pp. 24

Parallel Algorithms for Radiation Transport on Unstructured Grids (Abstract)

Steve Plimpton , Sandia National Laboratories
Bruce Hendrickson , Sandia National Laboratories
Shawn Burns , Sandia National Laboratories
Will McLendon III , Texas A&M University
pp. 25


JAMES F. ANTAKI , University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
GUY E. BLELLOCH , Carnegie Mellon University
OMAR GHATTAS , Carnegie Mellon University
IVAN MALCEVIC , Carnegie Mellon University
GARY L. MILLER , Carnegie Mellon University
NOEL J. WALKINGTON , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 26

Self-Consistent Langevin Simulation of Coulomb Collisions in Charged-Particle Beams (Abstract)

Ji Qiang , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Rober D. Ryne , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Salman Habib , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 27

Using High-Speed WANs and Network Data Caches to Enable Remote and Distributed Visualization (Abstract)

Wes Bethel , University of California, Berkeley
Brian Tierney , University of California, Berkeley
Jason Lee , University of California, Berkeley
Dan Gunter , University of California, Berkeley
Stephen Lau , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 28

High Performance Visualization of Time-Varying Volume Data over a Wide-Area Network (Abstract)

Kwan-Liu Ma , University of California-Davis
David M. Camp , University of California-Davis
pp. 29

Distributed Rendering for Scalable Displays (Abstract)

Greg Humphreys , Stanford University
Ian Buck , Stanford University
Matthew Eldridge , Stanford University
Pat Hanrahan , Stanford University
pp. 30

Tiling Imperfectly-nested Loop Nests (Abstract)

Nawaaz Ahmed , Cornell University
Nikolay Mateev , Cornell University
Keshav Pingali , Cornell University
pp. 31

Tiling Optimizations for 3D Scientific Computations (Abstract)

Gabriel Rivera , University of Maryland
Chau-Wen Tseng , University of Maryland
pp. 32

Performance Modeling and Tuning of an Unstructured Mesh CFD Application (Abstract)

William D. Gropp , Argonne National Laboratory
Dinesh K. Kaushik , Argonne National Laboratory
David E. Keyes , Old Dominion University
Barry F. Smith , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 34

Parallel Phylogenetic Inference (Abstract)

Quinn Snell , Brigham Young University
Michael Whiting , Brigham Young University
Mark Clement , Brigham Young University
David McLaughlin , Brigham Young University
pp. 35


Cetin Kiris , ELORET Corp.
Dochan Kwak , NASA Ames Research Center
William Chan , ELORET Corp.
pp. 36

The Failure of TCP in High-Performance Computational Grids (Abstract)

W. Feng , Los Alamos National Laboratory; Ohio State University
P. Tinnakornsrisuphap , University of Wisconsin-Madison
pp. 37

PSockets: The Case for Application-level Network Striping for Data Intensive Applications using High Speed Wide Area Networks (Abstract)

H. Sivakumar , University of Illinois at Chicago
S. Bailey , Infoblox Inc.
R. L. Grossman , University of Illinois at Chicago; Magnify Inc.
pp. 38

Efficient Wire Formats for High Performance Computing (Abstract)

Fabian Bustamante , Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Eisenhauer , Georgia Institute of Technology
Karsten Schwan , Georgia Institute of Technology
Patrick Widener , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 39

Hardware Prediction for Data Coherency of Scientific Codes on DSM (Abstract)

JT. Acquaviva , French Atomic Energy Commission
W. Jalby , Versailles University
pp. 41

A Scalable Cross-Platform Infrastructure for Application Performance Tuning Using Hardware Counters (Abstract)

S. Browne , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
J. Dongarra , University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
N. Garner , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
K. London , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
P. Mucci , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
pp. 42

A 1.349 Tflops simulation of black holes in a galactic center on GRAPE-6 (Abstract)

Junichiro Makino , University of Tokyo
Toshiyuki Fukushige , University of Tokyo
Masaki Koga , University of Tokyo
pp. 43

92¢ /MFlops/s, Ultra-Large-Scale Neural-Network Training on a PIII Cluster (Abstract)

Douglas Aberdeen , Australian National University
Jonathan Baxter , Australian National University
Robert Edwards , Australian National University
pp. 44

Scalable Molecular Dynamics for Large Biomolecular Systems (Abstract)

Robert K. Brunner , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
James C. Phillips , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Laxmikant V. Kalé , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 45

A Comparative Study of the NAS MG Benchmark across Parallel Languages and Architectures (Abstract)

Bradford L. Chamberlain , University of Washington, Seattle
Steven J. Deitz , University of Washington, Seattle
Lawrence Snyder , University of Washington, Seattle
pp. 46

Is Data Distribution Necessary in OpenMP? (Abstract)

Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos , University of Patras, Greece
Theodore S. Papatheodorou , University of Patras, Greece
Constantine D. Polychronopoulos , University of Patras, Greece
Jesús Labarta , Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
Eduard Ayguadé , Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
pp. 47

Extending OpenMP For NUMA Machines (Abstract)

John Bircsak , Compaq Computer Corporation
Peter Craig , Compaq Computer Corporation
RaeLyn Crowell , Compaq Computer Corporation
Zarka Cvetanovic , Compaq Computer Corporation
Jonathan Harris , Compaq Computer Corporation
C. Alexander Nelson , Compaq Computer Corporation
Carl D. Offner , Compaq Computer Corporation
pp. 48

A Tool Framework for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Object-Oriented Software with Templates (Abstract)

Kathleen A. Lindlan , University of Oregon, Eugene
Janice Cuny , University of Oregon, Eugene
Allen D. Malony , University of Oregon, Eugene
Sameer Shende , University of Oregon, Eugene
Bernd Mohr , Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Reid Rivenburgh , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Craig Rasmussen , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 49

From Trace Generation to Visualization: A Performance Framework for Distributed Parallel Systems (Abstract)

C. Eric Wu , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Anthony Bolmarcich , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Marc Snir , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
David Wootton , IBM RS6000 Division
Farid Parpia , IBM RS6000 Division
Anthony Chan , Angonne National Laboratory
Ewing Lusk , Angonne National Laboratory
William Gropp , Angonne National Laboratory
pp. 50

Dynamic Software Testing of MPI Applications with Umpire (Abstract)

Jeffrey S. Vetter , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Bronis R. de Supinski , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 51

Computing and Data Grids for Science and Engineering (Abstract)

William E. Johnston , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Numerical Aerospace Simulation Division
Dennis Gannon , University of Indiana and NAS
Bill Nitzberg , PBS Products
Leigh Ann Tanner , NASA Ames Research Center
Bill Thigpen , NASA Ames Research Center
Alex Woo , Stanford University
pp. 52

The MicroGrid: a Scientific Tool for Modeling Computational Grids (Abstract)

H. J. Song , University of California, San Diego
X. Liu , University of California, San Diego
D. Jakobsen , University of California, San Diego
R. Bhagwan , University of California, San Diego
X. Zhang , University of California, San Diego
K. Taura , University of California, San Diego
A. Chien , University of California, San Diego
pp. 53

1.34 Tflops Molecular Dynamics Simulation for NaCl with a Special-Purpose Computer: MDM (Abstract)

Tetsu Narumi , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Ryutaro Susukita , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Takahiro Koishi , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Kenji Yasuoka , Keio University
Hideaki Furusawa , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Atsushi Kawai , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Toshikazu Ebisuzaki , RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
pp. 54

High-Cost CFD on a Low-Cost Cluster (Abstract)

Thomas Hauser , University of Kentucky
Timothy I. Mattox , University of Kentucky
Raymond P. LeBeau , University of Kentucky
Henry G. Dietz , University of Kentucky
P. George Huang , University of Kentucky
pp. 55

High-Performance Reactive Fluid Flow Simulations Using Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Thousands of Processors (Abstract)

A. C. Calder , The University of Chicago
B. C. Curts , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
L. J. Dursi , The University of Chicago
B. Fryxell , The University of Chicago
G. Henry , Intel Corporation
P. MacNece , Drexel University
K. Olson , The University of Chicago; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
P. Ricker , The University of Chicago
R. Rosner , The University of Chicago
F. X. Timmes , The University of Chicago
H. M. Tufo , The University of Chicago
J. W. Truran , The University of Chicago
M. Zingale , The University of Chicago
pp. 56

Integrating Parallel File I/O and Database Support for High-Performance Scientific Data Management (Abstract)

Jaechun No , Argonne National Laboratory
Rajeev Thakur , Argonne National Laboratory
Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
pp. 57

A Framework for Sparse Matrix Code Synthesis from High-level Specifications (Abstract)

Nawaaz Ahmed , Cornell University
Nikolay Mateev , Cornell University
Keshav Pingali , Cornell University
Paul Stodghill , Cornell University
pp. 58

A Unified Algorithm for Load-balancing Adaptive Scientific Simulations (Abstract)

Kirk Schloegel , University of Minnesota
George Karypis , University of Minnesota
Vipin Kumar , University of Minnesota
pp. 59

The AppLeS Parameter Sweep Template: User-Level Middleware for the Grid (Abstract)

Henri Casanova , University of California, San Diego
Francine Berman , University of California, San Diego
Graziano Obertelli , University of California, San Diego
Richard Wolski , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
pp. 60

Requirements for and Evaluation of RMI Protocols for Scientific Computing (Abstract)

Madhusudhan Govindaraju , Indiana University
Aleksander Slominski , Indiana University
Venkatesh Choppella , Indiana University
Randall Bramley , Indiana University
Dennis Gannon , Indiana University
pp. 61

Expressing and Enforcing Distributed Resource Sharing Agreements (Abstract)

Tao Zhao , New York University
Vijay Karamcheti , New York University
pp. 62

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