The Community for Technology Leaders
SC Conference (1998)
Orlando, Florida
Nov. 7, 1998 to Nov. 13, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8707-X
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Invited Talks (PDF)

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Parallel I/O

A Case for Using MPI's Derived Datatypes to Improve I/O Performance (Abstract)

Rajeev Thakur , Argonne National Laboratory
William Gropp , Argonne National Laboratory
Ewing Lusk , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 1

PDS/PIO: Lightweight Libraries for Collective Parallel I/O (Abstract)

Judy Sturtevant , Sandia National Laboratories
Mark Christon , Sandia National Laboratories
Philip D. Heermann , Sandia National Laboratories
Pang-Chieh Chen ,
pp. 3
Multithreaded Architectures/Computing

Multi-processor Performance on the Tera MTA (Abstract)

Allan Snavely , SDSC/UCSD
Larry Carter , SDSC/UCSD
John Feo , Tera Computer
Brian Koblenz , Tera Computer
pp. 4

An Initial Evaluation of the Tera Multithreaded Architecture and Programming System Using the C3I Parallel Benchmark Suite (Abstract)

Sharon Brunett , California Institute of Technology
John Thornley , California Institute of Technology
Marrq Ellenbecker , California Institute of Technology
pp. 5

A Hierarchical Load-Balancing Framework for Dynamic Multithreaded Computations (Abstract)

Vijay Karamcheti , New York University
Andrew A. Chien , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 6
Physics & Engineering

The UCLA AGCM in High Performance Computing Environments (Abstract)

C. R. Mechoso , University of California, Los Angeles
L. A. Drummond , University of California, Los Angeles
J. D. Farrara , University of California, Los Angeles
J. A. Spahr , University of California, Los Angeles
pp. 7

Adaptive Parallel Computation of a Grand-Challenge Problem: Prediction of the Path of a Solar-Corona Mass Ejection (Abstract)

Quentin F. Stout , The University of Michigan
Darren L. De Zeeuw , The University of Michigan
Tamas I. Gombosi , The University of Michigan
Clinton P. T. Groth , The University of Michigan
Hal G. Marshall , The University of Minnesota
Kenneth G. Powell , The University of Michigan
pp. 8

High Performance Simulation of Internal Combustion Engines (Abstract)

Andreas Werner , University of Stuttgart Computing Center
Harald Echtle , Daimler-Benz AG
Dr. Monika Wierse , Silicon Graphics Computer GmbH
pp. 9
Advanced Compiler Techniques

Efficient Algorithms for Block-Cyclic Array Redistribution between Processor Sets (Abstract)

Neungsoo Park , University of Southern California
Viktor K. Prasanna , University of Southern California
Cauligi Raghavendra , The Aerospace Corporation
pp. 10

High Performance Fortran Compilation Techniques for Parallelizing Scientific Codes (Abstract)

Vikram Adve , Rice University
Guohua Jin , Rice University
John Mellor-Crummey , Rice University
Qing Yi , Rice University
pp. 11

Techniques for Speculative Run-Time Parallelization of Loops (Abstract)

Manish Gupta , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Rahul Nim , Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 12
Environments & Middleware For Applications

A Parallel Linear Algebra Server for Matlab-like Environments (Abstract)

Greg Morrow , The University of Texas at Austin
Robert van de Geijn , The University of Texas at Austin
pp. 13

OVERTURE: An Object-Oriented Framework for High Performance Scientific Computing (Abstract)

Federico Bassetti , Scientific Computing Group CIC-19
David Brown , Scientific Computing Group CIC-19
Kei Davis , Scientific Computing Group CIC-19
William Henshaw , Scientific Computing Group CIC-19
Dan Quinlan , Scientific Computing Group CIC-19
pp. 14

Agent Middleware for Heterogeneous Scientific Simulations (Abstract)

Shirun Ho , Parallel Application Hitachi Laboratory
Satoshi Itoh , Hitachi Ltd.
Sigeo Ihara , Parallel Application Hitachi Laboratory
Richard D. Schlichting , The University of Arizona
pp. 15

An Implementation and Analysis of the Virtual Interface Architecture (Abstract)

Philip Buonadonna , University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Geweke , University of California, Berkeley
David Culler , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 16

MPI-StarT: Delivering Network Performance to Numerical Applications (Abstract)

Parry Husbands , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
James C. Hoe , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 17

User-Space Communication: A Quantitative Study (Abstract)

Soichiro Araki , NEC Corp.
Angelos Bilas , Princeton University
Cezary Dubnicki , Princeton University
Jan Edler , NEC Research Institute, Inc.
Koichi Konishi , NEC Corp.
James Philbin , NEC Research Institute, Inc.
pp. 18
Discrete Algorithms

Analyzing the Error Bounds of Multipole-Based Treecodes (Abstract)

Vivek Sarin , Purdue University
Ananth Grama , Purdue University
Ahmed Sameh , Purdue University
pp. 19

Efficient Selection Algorithms on Distributed Memory Computers (Abstract)

E. L. G. Saukas , University of São Paulo
S. W. Song , University of São Paulo
pp. 20

High Performance Multidimensional Analysis and Data Mining (PDF)

Sanjay Goil , Northwestern University
Alok Choudhary , Northwestern University
pp. 21
Collaborative Computing

A Prototype Notebook-Based Environment for Computational Tools Computational Tools (Abstract)

Jenifer L. Skidmore , University of Oregon
Matthew J. Sottile , University of Oregon
Janice E. Cuny , University of Oregon
Allen D. Malony , University of Oregon
pp. 22

CCF: Collaborative Computing Frameworks (Abstract)

V. Sunderam , Emory University
S. Y. Cheung , Emory University
M. Hirsch , Emory University
S. Chodrow , Emory University
M. Grigni , Emory University
A. Krantz , Emory University
I. Rhee , Emory University
P. Gray , Emory University
S. Olesen , Emory University
P. Hutto , Emory University
J. Sult , Emory University
pp. 23

A Collaborative Framework for Distributed Microscopy (Abstract)

B. Parvin , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
J. Taylor , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
G. Cong , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
pp. 24
Cache Coherence

Optimizing Software Cache-coherent Cluster Architectures (Abstract)

Xiaohan Qin , IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Jean-Loup Baer , University of Washington
pp. 25

StarT-Voyager: A Flexible Platform for Exploring Scalable SMP Issues (Abstract)

Boon S. Ang , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Derek Chiou , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Daniel L. Rosenband , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Mike Ehrlich , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Larry Rudolph , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
Arvind , MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
pp. 26

Reducing Coherence Overhead of Barrier Synchronization in Software DSMs (Abstract)

Jae Bum Lee , Seoul National University
Chu Shik Jhon , Seoul National University
pp. 27
Graph Partitioning Applications

Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-Constraint Graph Partitioning (Abstract)

George Karypis , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Vipin Kumar , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
pp. 28

Dynamic Repartitioning of Adaptively Refined Meshes (Abstract)

Kirk Schloegel , University of Minnesota
George Karypis , University of Minnesota
Vipin Kumar , University of Minnesota
pp. 29

S-HARP: A Scalable Parallel Dynamic Partitioner for Adaptive Mesh-based Computations (Abstract)

Andrew Sohn , New Jersey Institute of Technology
Horst Simon , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
pp. 30
Run Time Systems

Pthreads for Dynamic and Irregular Parallelism (Abstract)

Girija J. Narlikar , CMU School of Computer Science
Guy E. Blelloch , CMU School of Computer Science
pp. 31

OpenMP on Networks of Workstations (Abstract)

Honghui Lu , Rice University
Y. Charlie Hu , Rice University
Willy Zwaenepoel , Rice University
pp. 32

Communication overlap in multi-tier parallel algorithms (PDF)

Scott B. Baden , University of California, San Diego
Stephen J. Fink , University of California, San Diego
pp. 33

Making Sparse Gaussian Elimination Scalable by Static Pivoting (Abstract)

Xiaoye S. Li , NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
James W. Demmel , University of California, Berkeley
pp. 34

A new Lanczos method for electronic structure calculations (Abstract)

K. Wu , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC
A. Canning , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC
H. D. Simon , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC
pp. 35

Tuning Strassen's Matrix Multiplication for Memory Efficiency (Abstract)

Mithuna Thottethodi , Duke University
Siddhartha Chatterjee , The University of North Carolina
Alvin R. Lebeck , Duke University
pp. 36

Supporting Runtime Tool Interaction for Parallel Simulations (Abstract)

Christopher W. Harrop , University of Oregon
Steven T. Hackstadt , University of Oregon
Janice E. Cuny , University of Oregon
Allen D. Malony , University of Oregon
Laura S. Magde , University of Oregon
pp. 37

A Comparison of Automatic Parallelization Tools/Compilers on the SGI Origin 2000 (Abstract)

Michael Frumkin , NASA Ames Research Center
Michelle Hribar , NASA Ames Research Center
Haoqiang Jin , NASA Ames Research Center
Abdul Waheed , NASA Ames Research Center
Jerry Yan , NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 39
Biological & Medical Applications

The Large Scale Parallelization of a Conformational 3D Protein Structure Prediction Application (Abstract)

Philip LoCascio , Oak Ridge
Kaizhi Yue , University of California-San Francisco
Peter Cummings , University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Ken Dill , University of California-San Francisco
pp. 40

An out-of-core implementation of the COLUMBUS massively-parallel multireference configuration interaction program (Abstract)

Holger Dachsel , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jarek Nieplocha , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Robert Harrison , Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
pp. 41

Real-Time Image Segmentation for Image-Guided Surgery (Abstract)

Simon K. Warfield , Harvard Medical School
Ferenc A. Jolesz , Harvard Medical School
Ron Kikinis , Harvard Medical School
pp. 42

Highly Efficient Gang Scheduling Implementation (Abstract)

Atsushi HORI , Tsukuba Research Center
Hiroshi TEZUKA , Tsukuba Research Center
Yutaka ISHIKAWA , Tsukuba Research Center
pp. 43

The Penn State Computing Condominium Scheduling System (Abstract)

Pawan Agnihotri , Penn State University
Vijay K. Agarwala , Penn State University
Jeffrey J. Nucciarone , Penn State University
Kevin M. Morooney , Penn State University
Chita Das , Penn State University
pp. 44

Fine-Grain Cycle Stealing for Networks of Workstations (Abstract)

Kyung Dong Ryu , University of Maryland
Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth , University of Maryland
pp. 45

WebFlow - High-Level Programming Environment and Visual Authoring Toolkit for High Performance Distributed Computing (Abstract)

Erol Akarsu , Northeast Parallel Architecture Center at Syracuse University
Geoffrey C. Fox , Northeast Parallel Architecture Center at Syracuse University
Wojtek Furmanski , Northeast Parallel Architecture Center at Syracuse University
Tomasz Haupt , Northeast Parallel Architecture Center at Syracuse University
pp. 48

An Infrastructure for Efficient Parallel Job Execution in Terascale Computing Environments (Abstract)

Jose E. Moreira , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Waiman Chan , IBM RS/6000 SP Development
Liana L. Fong , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Hubertus Franke , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Morris A. Jette , Livermore Computing
pp. 50
Numerical Algorithms

A Parallel Rendezvous Algorithm for Interpolation Between Multiple Grids (Abstract)

Steve Plimpton , Sandia National Labs
Bruce Hendrickson , Sandia National Labs
James Stewart , Sandia National Labs
pp. 53
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