The Community for Technology Leaders
International Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT'06) (2006)
Phoenix, Arizona
Jan. 23, 2006 to Jan. 27, 2006
ISBN: 0-7695-2508-3

Towards autonomic networks (PDF)

E. Gelenbe , Dept. of Electr. & Electron. Eng., Imperial Coll., London
pp. 0

Program Committee (PDF)

pp. xiii-xiv
Keynote Address 1

Towards Autonomic Networks (Abstract)

Erol Gelenbe , Imperial College
pp. 2-7
Session 1: Flow Control and Analysis

Fair Overload Handling Using Proof-of-Work Functions (Abstract)

Sebastian Golze , Technische Universität Berlin
Gero Mühl , Technische Universität Berlin
pp. 14-21

Language grid: an infrastructure for intercultural collaboration (Abstract)

T. Ishida , Dept. of Social Informatics, Kyoto Univ.
pp. 0
Session 2: Application Technology

Automatic Parameter Configuration Mechanism for Data Transfer Protocol GridFTP (Abstract)

Takeshi Ito , Osaka University
Hiroyuki Ohsaki , Osaka University
Makoto Imase , Osaka University
pp. 32-38

A Web Census is Possible (Abstract)

Darcy Benoit , Acadia University
Devin Slauenwhite , Acadia University
André Trudel , Acadia University
pp. 39-44
Session 3: Architecture, Network Systems

A Prototype of a Secure Autonomous Bootstrap Mechanism for Control Networks (Abstract)

Nobuo Okabe , Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Shoichi Sakane , Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Masahiro Ishiyama , Toshiba Corporation
Atsushi Inoue , Toshiba Corporation
Hiroshi Esaki , University of Tokyo
pp. 56-62

Efficient Flooding Control Suitable for Multiple Requests (Abstract)

Takahisa Okazaki , Osaka University
Hideo Kamada , Osaka University
Kazuhiko Kinoshita , Osaka University
Hideki Tode , Osaka University
Koso Murakami , Osaka University
pp. 71-76

Exploiting fine-grained explicit router feedback towards high-performance transport protocols (Abstract)

K. Nakauchi , National Inst. of Inf. & Commun. Technol., Japan
K. Kobayashi , National Inst. of Inf. & Commun. Technol., Japan
pp. 8 pp.-155
Short Paper 1: Communication, Configuration

Protecting Web Servers from Octopus Attacks (Abstract)

Yoshinori Kobayashi , University of Tokyo
Yoshihiro Oyama , University of Tokyo
Akinori Yonezawa , University of Tokyo
pp. 82-85

Filtering Features for a Composite Event Definition Language (Abstract)

Susan D. Urban , Arizona State University
Ingrid Biswas , Arizona State University
Suzanne W. Dietrich , Arizona State University
pp. 86-89

Priority Control in Receiving E-mails by Giving a Separate Response to Each DNS Query (Abstract)

Shin Maruyama , Kyoto University
Motonori Nakamura , Kyoto University
Yasuo Okabe , Kyoto University
Nariyoshi Yamai , Okayama University
Kiyohiko Okayama , Okayama University
Takuya Miyashita , Tsuyama National College of Technology
pp. 90-93
Panel 1: Distributed Multimedia 3D Applications on the Internet — Status and Future

Panel Statement (PDF)

Tony Parisi , Media Machines
Christian Bouville , France Telecom
Athanasios Demiris , Intracom S.A.
Frederic Kleinermann , Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Haruo Takemura , Osaka University
pp. xvi
Keynote Address 2
Session 4: Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Embedded Systems

A Pervasive Internet Approach to Fine-Grain Power-Aware Computing (Abstract)

Ahmed Abukmail , University of Florida
Abdelsalam (Sumi) Helal , University of Florida
pp. 109-115

Exploiting Hierarchical CP-Nets to Increase the Reliability of Web Services Workflow (Abstract)

Yanping Yang , National University of Defense Technology
Qingping Tan , National University of Defense Technology
Yong Xiao , National University of Defense Technology
Jinshan Yu , National University of Defense Technology
Feng Liu , National University of Defense Technology
pp. 116-122
Session 5: Communication, Configuration

Deploying the "Internet of things" (Abstract)

R.A. Dolin , Echelon Corp., San Jose, CA
pp. 0
Session 5: Communication, Configuration

Dynamic Configuration of Semantic-Based Service Provisioning to Portable Devices (Abstract)

Antonio Corradi , University of Bologna
Rebecca Montanari , University of Bologna
Alessandra Toninelli , University of Bologna
pp. 137-145
Session 6: Implementation, Protocols, Routing

Exploiting Fine-Grained Explicit Router Feedback towards High-Performance Transport Protocols (Abstract)

Kiyohide Nakauchi , National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Katsushi Kobayashi , National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
pp. 148-155

Energy-Efficient Scheme for Multiprocessor-Based Router Linecards (Abstract)

Malcolm Mandviwalla , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Nian-Feng Tzeng , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
pp. 156-163
Session 7: Search, Allocation, Verification

MAAY: A Decentralized Personalized Search System (Abstract)

Frédéric Dang Ngoc , Université de Paris Sud and France Telecom
Joaquín Keller , France Telecom
Gwendal Simon , France Telecom
pp. 172-179

Automated Verification of Proper Choreography Implementation (Abstract)

Erwin Jansen , University of Florida
Hen-I Yang , University of Florida
Sumi Helal , University of Florida
pp. 180-189
Short Paper 2: Implementation, Protocols, Routing

A Framework for Designing Emotional Agents as Tutoring Entities (Abstract)

Bogdan Florin Marin , University of Duisburg-Essen
Axel Hunger , University of Duisburg-Essen
Stefan Werner , University of Duisburg-Essen
pp. 198-201

Design and Evaluation of a Parallel Edge Server Invocation Protocol for Transactional Applications over the Web (Abstract)

Paolo Romano , Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Francesco Quaglia , Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Bruno Ciciani , Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
pp. 206-209

A Spaces Based Coordination Model for Virtual Organizations (Abstract)

Jingming Xie , South China University of Technology
Deyu Qi , South China University of Technology
pp. 210-213
Keynote Address 3

Deploying the "Internet of Things" (Abstract)

Robert A. Dolin , Echelon Corporation
pp. 216-219
Session 8: Access Control, Work Flow, P2P

A Capability-Based Access Control Architecture for Multi-Domain Publish/Subscribe Systems (Abstract)

Lauri I. W. Pesonen , University of Cambridge
David M. Eyers , University of Cambridge
Jean Bacon , University of Cambridge
pp. 222-228

Distributed Workflow Management for Large-Scale Grid Environments (Abstract)

Joerg Schneider , Technische Universitaet Berlin
Barry Linnert , Technische Universitaet Berlin
Lars-Olof Burchard , Technische Universitaet Berlin
pp. 229-235

PaxonDHT: Achieving Consensus in Distributed Hash Tables (Abstract)

Ben Temkow , Wayne State University
Anne-Marie Bosneag , Wayne State University
Xinjie Li , Wayne State University
Monica Brockmeyer , Wayne State University
pp. 236-244
Session 9: QOS, Algorithms, VOIP

Assessing Reactive QoS Strategies for Internet Services (Abstract)

Adriano Pereira , Federal University of Minas Gerais
Leonardo Silva , Federal University of Minas Gerais
Wagner Meira Jr. , Federal University of Minas Gerais
Walter Santos , Federal University of Minas Gerais
pp. 246-252

A Seamless Handoff Scheme with new AP Module for Wireless LANs Support VoIP (Abstract)

Thavisak Manodham , University of Electro-Communications
Luis Loyola , NTT Corporation
Gustavo Atoche , University of Electro-Communications
Mitsuo Hayasaka , University of Electro-Communications
Tetsuya Miki , University of Electro-Communications
pp. 253-258
Session 10: Design, Ontologies, Data Mining

A Mining Method for LinkedWeb Pages Using Associated Keyword Space (Abstract)

Yuuichi Yaguchi , University of Aizu
Hiroshi Ohnishi , University of Aizu
Satoshi Mori , University of Aizu
Keitaro Naruse , University of Aizu
Ryuichi Oka , University of Aizu
Hironobu Takahashi , Mediadrive Inc.
pp. 268-276

Designing Metadata with Existing Application Ontologies (Abstract)

Heeryon Cho , Kyoto University
Toru Ishida , Kyoto University
pp. 277-283

Ontology Extraction from Tables on the Web (Abstract)

Masahiro Tanaka , Kyoto University
Toru Ishida , Kyoto University
pp. 284-290
Session 11: IPv6, Ad HoC and Sensor Networks

DAG Based In-Network Aggregation for Sensor Network Monitoring (Abstract)

Shinji Motegi , KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Kiyohito Yoshihara , KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Hiroki Horiuchi , KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
pp. 292-299

An Anonymous On-Demand Position-Based Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Sk. Md. Mizanur Rahman , University of Tsukuba
Masahiro Mambo , University of Tsukuba
Atsuo Inomata , Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society
Eiji Okamoto , University of Tsukuba
pp. 300-306

Making Practical Use of IPv6 Anycasting: Mobile IPv6 Based approach (Abstract)

Masakazu Hashimoto , Osaka University
Shingo Ata , Osaka City University
Hiroshi Kitamura , NEC Corporation and University of Electro-Communications
Masayuki Murata , Osaka University
pp. 307-315
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