The Community for Technology Leaders
Software Metrics, IEEE International Symposium on (2003)
Sydney, Australia
Sept. 3, 2003 to Sept. 5, 2003
ISSN: 1530-1435
ISBN: 0-7695-1987-3
Plenary Session Day 1

Metrology, Measurement and Metrics in Software Engineering (Abstract)

Alain Abran , ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure
Asma Sellami , ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure
Witold Suryn , ?cole de Technologie Sup?rieure
pp. 2
Plenary Session Day 2
Plenary Session Day 3
Session 1A: Web Development

Early Web Size Measures and Effort Prediction for Web Costimation (Abstract)

Emilia Mendes , University of Auckland
Nile Mosley , MxM Technology
Steve Counsell , University of London
pp. 18

Using Web Objects for Estimating Software Development Effort for Web Applications (Abstract)

Melanie Ruhe , SIEMENS AG
Ross Jeffery , University of New South Wales
Isabella Wieczorek , Federal Ministry of Education and Research
pp. 30
Session 1B: Design Patterns

Design Patterns and Change Proneness: An Examination of Five Evolving Systems (Abstract)

James M. Bieman , Colorado State University
Greg Straw , Colorado State University
Huxia Wang , Colorado State University
P. Willard Munger , Southern Adventist University
Roger T. Alexander , Colorado State University
pp. 40

Measuring and Improving Design Patterns Testability (Abstract)

Benoit Baudry , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Yves Le Traon , Universitaire de Beaulieu
Jean-Marc J?z?quel , Universitaire de Beaulieu
pp. 50
Session 2A: Estimation

Estimating the Design Effort of Web Applications (Abstract)

Luciano Baresi , Politecnico di Milano
Sandro Morasca , Università degli Studi delléInsubria
Paolo Paolini , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 62

Using Prior-Phase Effort Records for Re-estimation During Software Projects (Abstract)

Stephen G. MacDonell , Auckland University of Technology
Martin J. Shepperd , Bournemouth University
pp. 73
Session 2B: V & V

Learning Early Lifecycle IV&V Quality Indicators (Abstract)

Tim Menzies , West Virginia University
Justin S. Di Stefano , West Virginia University
Mike Chapman , West Virginia University
pp. 88

When Can We Test Less? (Abstract)

Tim Menzies , West Virginia University
Justin Di Stefano , West Virginia University
Kareem Ammar , West Virginia University
Kenneth McGill , Goddard Space Flight Center
Pat Callis , Goddard Space Flight Center
Robert (Mike) Chapman , Galaxy Global Corporation
John Davis , DN American
pp. 98
Session 3A: New Metrics

Object Oriented Metrics: Precision Tools and Configurable Visualisations (Abstract)

Warwick Irwin , University of Canterbury
Neville Churcher , University of Canterbury
pp. 112
Session 3B: Measurement Frameworks

A Survey on the Fitness of Commercial Software Metric Tools for Service in Heterogeneous Environments: Common Pitfalls (Abstract)

Martin Auer , Raiffeisen Central Bank
Bernhard Graser , Vienna University of Technology
Stefan Biffl , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 144
Session 4A: Empirical Research

Dealing with Missing Software Project Data (Abstract)

M. H. Cartwright , Bournemouth University
M. J. Shepperd , Bournemouth University
Q. Song , Bournemouth University
pp. 154

Analyzing the Cost and Benefit of Pair Programming (Abstract)

Frank Padberg , Universität Karlsruhe
Matthias M. Müller , Universität Karlsruhe
pp. 166
Session 4B: Management

Metrics for Managing Customer View of Software Quality (Abstract)

S. Chulani , IBM Almaden Research Center
B. Ray , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
P. Santhanam , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
R. Leszkowicz , IBM Software Group
pp. 189
Session 5A: New Metrics

Defining and Validating Metrics for Navigational Models (Abstract)

Silvia Abrah? , Valencia University of Technology
Nelly Condori-Fern?ndez , Valencia University of Technology
Luis Olsina , UNLPam
Oscar Pastor , Valencia University of Technology
pp. 200

A Metrics Suite for Measuring Reusability of Software Components (Abstract)

Hironori Washizaki , Waseda University
Hirokazu Yamamoto , Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Yoshiaki Fukazawa , Waseda University
pp. 211
Session 5B: Empirical Research

An Industrial Case Study of the Verification and Validation Activities (Abstract)

Tomas Berling , Ericsson Microwave Systems AB
Thomas Thelin , Lund University
pp. 226

Issues in Using Students in Empirical Studies in Software Engineering Education (Abstract)

Jeffrey Carver , University of Maryland at College Park
Letizia Jaccheri , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Sandro Morasca , Universit? degli Studi dell'Insubria
Forrest Shull , Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering
pp. 239
Session 6A: Prediction

An Analogy-Based Approach for Predicting Design Stability of Java Classes (Abstract)

David Grosser , Université de Montréal
Houari A. Sahraoui , Université de Montréal
Petko Valtchev , Université de Montréal
pp. 252

Building UML Class Diagram Maintainability Prediction Models Based on Early Metrics (Abstract)

Marcela Genero , University of Castilla-La Mancha
Mario Piattini , University of Castilla-La Mancha
Esperanza Manso , University of Valladolid
Giovanni Cantone , Universit? degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"
pp. 263
Session 6B: Empirical Research

An Experiment Family to Investigate the Defect Detection Effect of Tool-Support for Requirements Inspection (Abstract)

Michael Halling , Johannes Kepler University Linz
Stefan Biffl , Vienna University of Technology
Paul Gr?nbacher , Johannes Kepler University Linz
pp. 278

An Evaluation of Checklist-Based Reading for Entity-Relationship Diagrams (Abstract)

Claes Wohlin , Blekinge Institute of Technology
Aybuke Aurum , University of New South Wales
pp. 286
Session 7A: New Metrics

Using Service Utilization Metrics to Assess the Structure of Product Line Architectures (Abstract)

Andr? van der Hoek , University of California at Irvine
Ebru Dincel , University of Southern California
Nenad Medvidović , University of Southern California
pp. 298

Assessing the Maintainability Benefits of Design Restructuring Using Dependency Analysis (Abstract)

Robert Leitch , MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd.
Eleni Stroulia , University of Alberta
pp. 309
Session 7B: Management

Portfolio Management Method for Deadline Planning (Abstract)

Rachel M. Fewster , University of Auckland
Emilia Mendes , University of Auckland
pp. 325
Session 8A: Maintenance

Developing Fault Predictors for Evolving Software Systems (Abstract)

Allen P. Nikora , California Institute of Technology
John C. Munson , University of Idaho
pp. 338

Queue-Based Cost Evaluation of Mental Simulation Process in Program Comprehension (Abstract)

Masahide Nakamura , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Akito Monden , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Tomoaki Itoh , Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Ken-ichi Matsumoto , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Yuichiro Kanzaki , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Hirotsugu Satoh , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 351
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