The Community for Technology Leaders
International Conference on Program Comprehension (2003)
Portland, Oregon, USA
May 10, 2003 to May 11, 2003
ISSN: 1092-8138
ISBN: 0-7695-1883-4

An XML-based lightweight C++ fact extractor (PDF)

M.L. Collard , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Kent State Univ., OH, USA
H.H. Kagdi , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Kent State Univ., OH, USA
J.I. Maletic , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Kent State Univ., OH, USA
pp. 134-143

Generalized selective XML markup of source code using agile parsing (PDF)

J.R. Cordy , Sch. of Comput., Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ont., Canada
pp. 144-153

Syntactic approximation using iterative lexical analysis (PDF)

A. Cox , Fac. of Comput. Sci., Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, NS, Canada
pp. 154-163

Reviewers (PDF)

pp. xii
Static Analysis Techniques

YAAB (Yet Another AST Browser): Using OCL to Navigate ASTs (Abstract)

G. Antoniol , University of Sannio
M. Di Penta , University of Sannio
E. Merlo , École Polytechnique de Montréal
pp. 13

Design Recovery of a Two Level System (Abstract)

Thomas Dean , Queen's University
Yuling Chen , Queen's University
pp. 23

Effective, Automatic Procedure Extraction (Abstract)

Raghavan Komondoor , University of Wisconsin-Madison
Susan Horwitz , University of Wisconsin-Madison
pp. 33
Program Understanding Tools and Techniques

Understanding Change-Proneness in OO Software through Visualization (Abstract)

James M. Bieman , Colorado State University
Anneliese A. Andrews , Washington State University
Helen J. Yang , Colorado State University
pp. 44

Analyzing and Understanding Architectural Characteristics of COM+ Components (Abstract)

Martin Pinzger , Vienna University of Technology
Johann Oberleitner , Vienna University of Technology
Harald Gall , Vienna University of Technology
pp. 54

A Tool For Understanding Multi-Language Program Dependencies (Abstract)

Panagiotis K. Linos , Butler University
Zhi-hong Chen , Butler University
Seth Berrier , Butler University
Brian O'Rourke , Butler University
pp. 64
Dynamic Analysis Techniques

Event-Based Performance Analysis (Abstract)

Steven P. Reiss , Brown University
pp. 74

Applying the Decorator Pattern for Profiling Object-Oriented Software (Abstract)

Edward B. Duffy , Clemson University
J. Paul Gibson , National University of Ireland
Brian A. Malloy , Clemson University
pp. 84

Automatic Design Pattern Detection (Abstract)

Dirk Heuzeroth , University of Karlsruhe
Thomas Holl , University of Karlsruhe
Gustav Högström , University of Växjö
Welf Löwe , University of Växjö
pp. 94
Program Comprehension Approaches

Comprehension of Software Analysis Data Using 3D Visualization (Abstract)

Andrian Marcus , Kent State University
Louis Feng , Kent State University
Jonathan I. Maletic , Kent State University
pp. 105

Facilitating Program Comprehension by Mining Association Rules from Source Code (Abstract)

Christos Tjortjis , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Loukas Sinos , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Paul Layzell , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 125
Fact Extraction Techniques

An XML-Based Lightweight C++ Fact Extractor (Abstract)

Michael L. Collard , Kent State University
Huzefa H. Kagdi , Kent State University
Jonathan I. Maletic , Kent State University
pp. 134

Syntactic Approximation Using Iterative Lexical Analysis (Abstract)

Anthony Cox , Dalhousie University
Charles Clarke , University of Waterloo
pp. 154
Comprehension Frameworks and Evaluation
Clustering Applications and Evaluation

Software Components Capture Using Graph Clustering (Abstract)

Yves Chiricota , Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
pp. 217

An Optimal Algorithm for MoJo Distance (Abstract)

Zhihua Wen , York University
Vassilios Tzerpos , York University
pp. 227
Short Papers I

Scaling an Object-Oriented System Execution Visualizer through Sampling (Abstract)

Andrew Chan , University of British Columbia
Reid Holmes , University of British Columbia
Gail C. Murphy , University of British Columbia
Annie T.T. Ying , University of British Columbia
pp. 237

Using Run-Time Data for Program Comprehension (Abstract)

Thomas Gschwind , Technische Universität Wien
Johann Oberleitner , Technische Universität Wien
Martin Pinzger , Technische Universität Wien
pp. 245

Are Decomposition Slices Clones? (Abstract)

Keith Gallagher , Loyola College in Maryland
Lucas Layman , North Carolina State University
pp. 251
Short Papers II

Verification of Recovered Software Architectures (Abstract)

Gerald C. Gannod , Arizona State University
Shilpa Murthy , Arizona State University
pp. 258

Enhancing Domain-Specific Software Architecture Recovery (Abstract)

Igor Ivkovic , University of Waterloo
Michael Godfrey , University of Waterloo
pp. 266

Handling Large Search Space in Pattern-Based Reverse Engineering (Abstract)

Jörg Niere , University of Paderborn
Jörg P. Wadsack , University of Paderborn
Lothar Wendehals , University of Paderborn
pp. 274
Working Sessions

Experiences in Teaching Software Evolution and Program Comprehension (PDF)

Arie van Deursen , CWI and Delft University of Technology
Jean-Marie Favre , University of Grenoble
Rainer Koschke , University of Stuttgart
Juergen Rilling , Concordia University
pp. 283

Towards a Clone Detection Benchmark Suite and Results Archive (PDF)

Arun Lakhotia , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Junwei Li , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Andrew Walenstein , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Yun Yang , University of Louisiana at Lafayette
pp. 285
Tool Demonstrations

TALK2C: A Tool for Automatic Migration (PDF)

S. Dhinakar Jacob , Tata Infotech Limited
Madhuchhanda Das , Tata Infotech Limited
pp. 288

Visualizing Interactions in Distributed Java Applications (PDF)

Nishant Bawa , Colorado State University
Sudipto Ghosh , Colorado State University
pp. 292

CrocoPat: Efficient Pattern Analysis in Object-Oriented Programs (PDF)

Dirk Beyer , Technical University Cottbus
Claus Lewerentz , Technical University Cottbus
pp. 294

Isolating Cause-Effect Chains with AskIgor (PDF)

Andreas Zeller , Universität des Saarlandes
pp. 296

gccXfront: Exploiting gcc as a Front End for Program Comprehension Tools via XML/XSLT (PDF)

Mark Hennessy , National University of Ireland
Brian A. Malloy , Clemson University
James F. Power , National University of Ireland
pp. 298
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