The Community for Technology Leaders
Frontiers of Massively Parallel Processing, Symposium on the (1999)
Annapolis, Maryland
Feb. 21, 1999 to Feb. 25, 1999
ISBN: 0-7695-0087-0
Keynote Address

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Session 1: Architecture

Scalability Analysis of Multidimensional Wavefront Algorithms on Large-Scale SMP Clusters (Abstract)

Adolfy Hoisie , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Olaf Lubeck , Los Alamos National Laboratory
Harvey Wasserman , Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 4

A System for Evaluating Performance and Cost of SIMD Array Designs (Abstract)

Martin C. Herbordt , University of Houston
Jade Cravy , University of Houston
Renoy Sam , University of Houston
Owais Kidwai , University of Houston
Calvin Lin , University of Houston
pp. 16

Design Trade-Offs of Low-Cost Multicomputer Network Switches (Abstract)

Martin C. Herbordt , University of Houston
Kurt Olin , University of Houston
Harry Le , University of Houston
Shivshankar Sanikop , University of Houston
Jimmy Ge , University of Houston
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Session 2: Software
Session 3: Distributed Computing

Distributed Applet-Based Certifiable Processing in Client/Server Environments (Abstract)

Hongxia Jin , Johns Hopkins University
Gregory F. Sullivan , Johns Hopkins University
Gerald M. Masson , Johns Hopkins University
pp. 44

Latency Tolerant Algorithms for WAN Based Workstation Clusters (Abstract)

Bernd Helzer , Brigham Young University
Mark Clement , Brigham Young University
Quinn Snell , Brigham Young University
pp. 52

Large-Scale Distributed Computational Fluid Dynamics on the Information Power Grid using Globus (Abstract)

Stephen Barnard , NASA Ames Research Center
Rupak Biswas , NASA Ames Research Center
Subhash Saini , NASA Ames Research Center
Robert Van der Wijngaart , NASA Ames Research Center
Maurice Yarrow , NASA Ames Research Center
Lou Zechtzer , NASA Ames Research Center
Ian Foster , Argonne National Laboratory
Olle Larsson , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 60
Session 4: ASCI and Data Visualization Corridors
Session 5: Data Parallelism

A Framework for Generating Task Parallel Programs (Abstract)

Ursula Fissgus , University Halle-Wittenberg
Thomas Rauber , University Halle-Wittenberg
Gudula Rünger , University Leipzig
pp. 72
Session 6: Systems

Adapting to Load on Workstation Clusters (Abstract)

Robert K. Brunner , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Laxmikant V. Kalé , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 106

Parallel Simulation of Two-Phase Flow Problems Using the Finite Element Method (Abstract)

Shahrouz Aliabadi , Clark Atlanta University
Khalil Shujaee , Clark Atlanta University
Tayfun Tezduyar , Rice University
pp. 113
Keynote Address

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Session 7: Applications

Parallel Rendering of 3D AMR Data on the SGI/Cray T3E (Abstract)

Kwan-Liu Ma , Institute for computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE)
pp. 138
Session 8: Performance Modeling

Delphi: An Integrated, Language-Directed Performance Prediction, Measurement and Analysis Environment (Abstract)

Daniel A. Reed , University of Illinois
David A. Padua , University of Illinois
Ian T. Foster , Argonne National Laboratory
Dennis B. Gannon , Indiana University
Barton P. Miller , University of Wisconsin
pp. 156
Session 9: Systems

Distributed Control Parallelism for Multidisciplinary Design of a High Speed Civil Transport (Abstract)

Denitza T. Krasteva , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Chuck Baker , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Layne T. Watson , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Bernard Grossman , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
William H. Mason , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Raphael T. Haftka , University of Florida
pp. 166

Data Sieving and Collective I/O in ROMIO (Abstract)

Rajeev Thakur , Argonne National Laboratory
William Gropp , Argonne National Laboratory
Ewing Lusk , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 182
Session 10: Applications

The Parallelization of a Highway Traffic Flow Simulation (Abstract)

Charles Michael Johnston , Concurrent Computer Corporation
Anthony Theodore Chronopoulos , University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 192

Implementing MM5 on NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Computing Systems: A Performance Study (Abstract)

John Dorband , NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Udaya Ranawake , NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jules Kouatchou , Morgan State University
John Michalakes , Argonne National Laboratory
pp. 200
Keynote Address

Keynote Address (PDF)

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Session 11: Algorithms

Token Space Minimization by Simulated Annealing (Abstract)

Rafi Lohev , Bar-Ilan University
Israel Gottlieb , Bar-Ilan University
pp. 226

New Algorithms for Efficient Mining of Association Rules (Abstract)

Li Shen , Griffith University
Hong Shen , Griffith University
Ling Cheng , Griffith University
pp. 234
Session 12: Java for High-Performance Computing
Session 13 Architecture

The Preliminary Evaluation of MBP-light with Two Protocol Policies for A Massively Parallel Processor - JUMP-1 (Abstract)

Inoue Hiroaki , Keio University
Ken-ichiro Anjo , Keio University
Masaki Wakabayashi , Keio University
Jun Tanabe , Keio University
Hideharu Amano , Keio University
Junji Yamamoto , Real World Computing Parnership
Mitusuru Sato , Fujitsu Laboratories
Kei Hiraki , The University of Tokyo
pp. 268
Session 14 Communications

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