The Community for Technology Leaders
46th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS'05) (2005)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Oct. 23, 2005 to Oct. 25, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2468-0

Machtey Award (PDF)

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Foreword (PDF)

pp. x
Tutorial 1

On the Unique Games Conjecture (PDF)

Subhash Khot , Georgia Inst. of Technology
pp. 3
Tutorial 2

Algorithmic Techniques and Tools from Computational Geometry (PDF)

Bernard Chazelle , Department of Computer Science Princeton University
pp. 7
Session 1

Agnostically Learning Halfspaces (Abstract)

Adam Tauman Kalai , TTI-Chicago
Adam R. Klivans , UT-Austin
Yishay Mansour , Tel Aviv University
Rocco A. Servedio , Columbia University
pp. 11-20

Every decision tree has an influential variable (Abstract)

Ryan O'Donnell , Microsoft Research
Michael Saks , Rutgers University
Oded Schramm , Microsoft Research
Rocco A. Servedio , Columbia University
pp. 31-39

Lower Bounds for the Noisy Broadcast Problem (Abstract)

Navin Goyal , Dept. of Computer Science Rutgers University
Guy Kindler , Princeton University
Michael Saks , Dept. of Mathematics Rutgers University
pp. 40-52
Session 2 Best Paper Award:

The Closest Substring problem with small distances (Abstract)

Daniel Marx , Budapest University, Hungary
pp. 63-72

Fitting tree metrics: Hierarchical clustering and Phylogeny (Abstract)

Nir Ailon , Princeton University
Moses Charikar , Princeton University
pp. 73-82

Metric Embeddings with Relaxed Guarantees (Abstract)

Ittai Abraham , Ittai Abraham
Yair Bartal , Yair Bartal
T-H. Hubert Chan , T-H. Hubert Chan
Kedar Dhamdhere Dhamdhere , Kedar Dhamdhere
Anupam Gupta , Anupam Gupta
Jon Kleinberg , Jon Kleinberg
Ofer Neiman , Ofer Neiman
Aleksandrs Slivkins , Aleksandrs Slivkins
pp. 83-100

Nonembeddability theorems via Fourier analysis (Abstract)

Subhash Khot , Georgia Institute of Technology
Assaf Naor , Microsoft Corporation Theory Group, Microsoft Research
pp. 101-112
Session 3 Machtey Award

On the Complexity of Two-PlayerWin-Lose Games (Abstract)

Paul Valiant , MIT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
pp. 113-122

Nash Equilibria in Random Games (Abstract)

Imre Barany , Imre Barany
Adrian Vetta , Adrian Vetta
pp. 123-131

Query Incentive Networks (Abstract)

Jon Kleinberg , Jon Kleinberg
pp. 132-141

Sink Equilibria and Convergence (Abstract)

Adrian Vetta , McGill University
pp. 142-154
Session 4 Machtey Award Paper

On the Complexity of Real Functions (Abstract)

Mark Braverman , University of Toronto
pp. 155-164

Linear Lower Bounds on Real-World Implementations of Concurrent Objects (Abstract)

Faith Ellen Fich , University of Toronto
Danny Hendler , University of Toronto
Nir Shavit , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
pp. 165-173

Towards a Final Analysis of Pairing Heaps (Abstract)

Seth Pettie , Max Planck Institut fur Informatik
pp. 174-183

Structuring labeled trees for optimal succinctness, and beyond (Abstract)

Paolo Ferragina , University of Pisa
Fabrizio Luccio , University of Pisa
Giovanni Manzini , University of Piemonte Orientale
S. Muthukrishnan , Rutgers University
pp. 184-196
Session 5

Approximation Algorithms for Unique Games (Abstract)

Luca Trevisan , U.C. Berkeley
pp. 197-205

On Non-Approximability for Quadratic Programs (Abstract)

Sanjeev Arora , Computer Science Department, Princeton University
Eli Berger , Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
Guy Kindler , Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
Muli Safra , Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
Elad Hazan , Computer Science Department,Princeton University
pp. 206-215

Hardness of the Undirected Edge-Disjoint Paths Problem with Congestion (Abstract)

Matthew Andrews , Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies,
Julia Chuzhoy , CSAIL, MIT and Dept. of CIS, University of Pennsylvania,
Sanjeev Khanna , Dept. of CIS, University of Pennsylvania,
Lisa Zhang , Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
pp. 226-244
Session 6

Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling on Multiple Machines (PDF)

V.S. Anil Kumar , Virginia Tech
Madhav V. Marathe , Virginia Tech
Srinivasan Parthasarathy , University of Maryland
Aravind Srinivasan , University of Maryland
pp. 254-263

AdWords and Generalized On-line Matching (Abstract)

Aranyak Mehta , Aranyak Mehta
Amin Saberi , Amin Saberi
Umesh Vazirani , Umesh Vazirani
Vijay Vazirani , Vijay Vazirani
pp. 264-273

The Parking Permit Problem (Abstract)

Adam Meyerson Meyerson , University of California, Los Angeles
pp. 274-284
Session 7 Best Paper Award

Correcting Errors Beyond the Guruswami-Sudan Radius in Polynomial Time (Abstract)

Farzad Parvaresh , University of California San Diego
Alexander Vardy , University of California San Diego
pp. 285-294

Error Correction via Linear Programming (Abstract)

Emmanuel Candes , Caltech
Mark Rudelson , University of Missouri
Roman Vershynin , University of California, Davis
pp. 295-308

Error-Correcting Codes for Automatic Control (Abstract)

Rafail Ostrovsky , Rafail Ostrovsky
Yuval Rabani , Yuval Rabani
Leonard J. Schulman , Leonard J. Schulman
pp. 309-316

Almost Orthogonal Linear Codes are Locally Testable (Abstract)

Tali Kaufman , School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University
Simon Litsyn , Department of Electrical Engineering-Systems,Tel Aviv University
pp. 317-326

On Delsarte?s Linear Programming Bounds for Binary Codes (Abstract)

Michael Navon , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Alex Samorodnitsky , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
pp. 327-338
Session 8

Fast Algorithms for Approximate Semide.nite Programming using the Multiplicative Weights Update Method (Abstract)

Sanjeev Arora , Princeton University
Elad Hazan , Princeton University
Satyen Kale , Princeton University
pp. 339-348

How to Pay, Come What May: Approximation Algorithms for Demand-Robust Covering Problems (Abstract)

Kedar Dhamdhere , Google Inc.
Vineet Goyal , Carnegie Mellon University
R. Ravi , Carnegie Mellon University
Mohit Singh , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 367-378
Session 9

Group-theoretic Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication (Abstract)

Henry Cohn , Henry Cohn
Robert Kleinberg , Robert Kleinberg
Balazs Szegedy , Balazs Szegedy
Christopher Umans , Christopher Umans
pp. 379-388

A Randomness-Efficient Sampler for Matrix-valued Functions and Applications (Abstract)

Avi Wigderson , Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Univeristy
David Xiao , Princeton Univeristy
pp. 397-406

Deterministic Extractors for Affine Sources over Large Fields (Abstract)

Ariel Gabizon , Weizmann Institute
Ran Raz , Weizmann Institute
pp. 407-418
Session 10

Additive Approximation for Edge-Deletion Problems (Abstract)

Noga Alon , Tel-Aviv University
Asaf Shapira , Tel-Aviv University
Benny Sudakov , Princeton University
pp. 419-428

An Algorithmic Version of the Hypergraph Regularity Method (Abstract)

P.E. Haxell , University of Waterloo
B. Nagle , University of Nevada
V. Rodl , Emory University
pp. 439-448
Session 11

Cryptography In the Bounded Quantum-Storage Model (Abstract)

Ivan B. Damgard , Ivan B. Damgard
Serge Fehr , Serge Fehr
Louis Salvail , Louis Salvail
Christian Schaffner , Christian Schaffner
pp. 449-458

Quantum Information and the PCP Theorem (Abstract)

Ran Raz , Weizmann Institute
pp. 459-468
Session 12

On Learning Mixtures of Heavy-Tailed Distributions (Abstract)

Anirban Dasgupta , Anirban Dasgupta
John Hopcroft , John Hopcroft
Jon Kleinberg , Jon Kleinberg
Mark Sandler , Mark Sandler
pp. 491-500

Learning mixtures of product distributions over discrete domains (Abstract)

Jon Feldman , Columbia University
Ryan ODonnell , Microsoft Research
Rocco A. Servedio , Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University
pp. 501-510

Error correction via linear programming (PDF)

Emmanuel Candes , Applied and Computational Mathematics
Mark Rudelson , Department of Mathematics, University of Missouri
Terence Tao , Department of Mathematics, University of California
Roman Vershynin , Department of Mathematics, University of California
pp. 668-681
Session 12

Safraless Decision Procedures (Abstract)

Orna Kupferman , Hebrew University
Moshe Y. Vardi , Rice University
pp. 531-542
Session 13

The Complexity of Online Memory Checking (Abstract)

Moni Naor , Weizmann Institute of Science
Guy N. Rothblum , Weizmann Institute of Science
pp. 573-584
Session 14

Rational Secure Computation and Ideal Mechanism Design (Abstract)

Sergei Izmalkov , Dept of Economics, MIT
Silvio Micali , CSAIL, MIT
Matt Lepinski , CSAIL, MIT
pp. 585-595

Mechanism Design via Machine Learning (Abstract)

Maria-Florina Balcan , Carnegie Mellon University
Avrim Blum , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 605-614

Beyond VCG: Frugality of Truthful Mechanisms (Abstract)

Anna R. Karlin , University of Washington
David Kempe , University of Southern California
Tami Tamir , The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel
pp. 615-626
Session 15

Algorithmic Graph Minor Theory: Decomposition, Approximation, and Coloring (Abstract)

Erik D. Demaine , Erik D. Demaine
Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi , Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi
Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi , Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
pp. 637-646

A Tale of Two Dimensional Bin Packing (Abstract)

Nikhil Bansal , IBM TJ Watson, NY
Andrea Lodi , Univ. of Bolgna, Italy
Maxim Sviridenko , IBM TJ Watson, NY
pp. 657-666
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