The Community for Technology Leaders
31st Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Impact on Engineering and Science Education. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.01CH37193) (2001)
Reno, NV, USA
Oct. 10, 2001 to Oct. 13, 2001
ISBN: 0-7803-6669-7

The social affordances of computer-supported collaborative learning environments (Abstract)

K. Kreijns , Dept. of Natural & Tech. Sci., Open Univ. of the Netherlands, Heerlen, Netherlands
pp. T1F-12-17vol.1

EPICS: documenting service-learning to meet EC 2000 (Abstract)

L.H. Jamieson , Sch. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., West Lafayette, IN, USA
pp. T2A-1-6vol.1

Closing the loop: industry site visits for program outcomes assessment (Abstract)

S.K. Ramesh , Electr. & Electron. Eng., California State Univ., Sacramento, CA, USA
pp. T2A-7-T2A-10vol.1

A plan for assessment and continuous improvement in a civil engineering technology program (Abstract)

T.W. Zeigler , Civil Eng. Technol., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2A-T11vol.1

Quantitatively assessing an outcome on designing and conducting experiments and analyzing data for ABET 2000 (Abstract)

P.T. McCreanor , Civil Eng. Technol., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2A-12-16vol.1

Objectives, outcomes, and assessment mechanisms for CS programs [computer science education courses] (Abstract)

N. Soundarajan , Dept. of Comput. & Inf. Sci., Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, USA
pp. T2A-17-22vol.1

"Elegant" problem solving model for effective learning and applications (Abstract)

H. Khan , Dept. of Technol., Northern Kentucky Univ., Highland Heights, KY, USA
pp. T2B-1-6vol.1

Question model for intelligent questioning systems in engineering education (Abstract)

S.A. Zahorian , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Old Dominion Univ., Norfolk, VA, USA
pp. T2B-7-T2B-12vol.1

Using language and students' relationship to authority to understand the learning process (Abstract)

D. DiBiasio , Dept. of Chem. Eng., Worcester Polytech. Inst., MA, USA
pp. T2B-T13vol.1

Crisis of civil engineering education in information technology age: analysis and prospects (Abstract)

M. Nehdi , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ont., Canada
pp. T2B-20-9vol.1

Laboratory enhancements through partnerships with local industry for a course in wireless communications (Abstract)

K.A. Kramer , Electr. Eng. Prog., San Diego State Univ., CA, USA
pp. T2C-T21vol.1

Integrating creative design experiences and ethics into materials science (Abstract)

K.L. Kitto , Dept of Eng. Technol., Western Washington Univ., Bellingham, WA, USA
pp. T2C-8-T2C-12vol.1

Digital signal processing in theory and practice (Abstract)

S.H. Mousavinezhad , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, MI, USA
pp. T2C-13-16vol.1

A unique laboratory for teaching administrative aspects of computer networking (Abstract)

M. Ukigai , Fac. of Inf. Sci., Chiba Inst. of Technol., Narashino, Japan
pp. T2C-17-22vol.1

Engineering design for software: on defining the software engineering profession (Abstract)

J.L. Diaz-Herrera , Sch. of Comput. & Software Eng., Southern Polytech. State Univ., Marietta, GA, USA
pp. T2D-1-7vol.1

Extreme programming for software engineering education? (Abstract)

L. Williams , Dept. of Comput. Sci., North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC, USA
pp. T2D-12-17vol.1

PSP-EAT-enhancing a personal software process course (Abstract)

D. Rosca , Software & Electr. Eng. Dept., Fort Monmouth, NJ, USA
pp. T2D-T18vol.1

Mechatronics as a challenge for teaching technology in secondary education (Abstract)

S. Kocijancic , Dept. of Phys., Ljubljana Univ., Slovenia
pp. T2E-1-4vol.1

Experiments from optical engineering and robotics for a pre-engineering program (Abstract)

S.K. Ramesh , Dept. of Electr. & Electron. Eng., California State Univ., Sacramento, CA, USA
pp. T2E-5-T2E-10vol.1

Using Legos and RoboLab (LabVIEW) with elementary school children (Abstract)

E. Wang , Dept. of Mech. Eng., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. T2E-T11vol.1

Robotics learning as a tool for integrating science technology curriculum in K-12 schools (Abstract)

E. Kolberg , Ministry of Educ, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel
pp. T2E-12-13vol.1

Multimedia distance learning without the wait (Abstract)

S.R. Thampuran , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Massachusetts Univ., Amherst, MA, USA
pp. T2F-T21vol.1

A practical model for the development of Web based interactive courses (Abstract)

K. Baas , Natural & Tech. Sci., Open Univ. of the Netherlands, Netherlands
pp. T2F-8-T2F-13vol.1

Applicability of internet video in distance education for engineering (Abstract)

J.M. Pullen , Dept. of Comput. Sci., George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA, USA
pp. T2F-14-19vol.1

Teaching engineering ethics: a new approach (Abstract)

N. Bekir , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., California State Univ., Northridge, CA, USA
pp. T2G-1-3vol.1

Developing an appropriate writing exercise for a statics class (Abstract)

W. Nixon , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., Iowa Univ., Iowa City, IA, USA
pp. T2G-4-12vol.1

An extended methodology for educational software design: some critical points (Abstract)

F.J. Lage , Fac. de Ingenieria, Buenos Aires Univ., Argentina
pp. T2G-13-18vol.1

The use of a context and mapping concepts to improve learning and problem solving ability (Abstract)

M.L. De la Barra , Departamento de Matematica, Univ. Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile
pp. T2G-T19vol.1

Cross-checking and good scores go together: students shrug (Abstract)

D.W. Petr , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS, USA
pp. T3A-7-T3A-12vol.1

Multi-choice versus descriptive examinations (Abstract)

R.W. Brown , Electr. & Comput. Syst. Eng., R. Melbourne Inst. of Technol., Vic., Australia
pp. T3A-13-18vol.1

Learning achievement evaluation strategy using fuzzy membership function (Abstract)

Sunghyun Weon , Sch. of Inf. Eng., Catholic Univ. of Pusan, South Korea
pp. T3A-19-24vol.1

Rethinking the evaluation of writing in engineering courses (Abstract)

J. Swarts , Literature & Commun. Dept, Rensselaer Polytech. Inst., Troy, NY, USA
pp. T3A-25-30vol.1

Student, alumni and employer satisfaction to a collaborative learning approach (Abstract)

F. Butler , Graduate Coll., Univ. of Advancing Comput. Technol., Tempe, AZ, USA
pp. T3B-9-T3B-13vol.1

Student response to cooperative learning homework teams: midcourse and final evaluations (Abstract)

S.M. Lord , Dept. of Eng., San Diego Univ., CA, USA
pp. T3B-14-18vol.1

Active learning with upper division computer science students (Abstract)

B. Timmerman , Coll. of Eng. & Comput. Sci., California State Univ., Northridge, CA, USA
pp. T3B-19-23vol.1

The challenge of collaborative learning in engineering and math (Abstract)

M. Guzdial , Coll. of Comput., Georgia Inst. of Technol., Atlanta, GA, USA
pp. T3B-24-9vol.1

Design and development of an automatic small-scale house for teaching domotics (Abstract)

F. Mateos , Ingenieria de Sistemas y Automatica, Oviedo Univ., Spain
pp. T3C-1-5vol.1

An innovative approach to visualization of stress (Abstract)

W.K. Szaroletta , Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, USA
pp. T3C-6-9vol.1

A set of CS 1 labs utilizing graphical objects and inheritance (Abstract)

P. Andrews , Dept. of Math., Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, IL, USA
pp. T3C-10-14vol.1

Engineering explorations: introducing first-year students to engineering (Abstract)

G.L. Hein , Eng. Fundamentals Dept., Michigan Technol. Univ., Houghton, MI, USA
pp. T3C-15-19vol.1

The New Mexico Tech Master of Science teaching program: an exemplary model of inquiry-based learning (Abstract)

V.R. Perry , Educational Outreach Programs, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM, USA
pp. T3E-1-4vol.1

Working with students and parents to improve the freshman retention (Abstract)

D.D. Budny , Pittsburgh Univ., PA, USA
pp. T3E-5-T3E-10vol.1

A first step for women into the engineering pipeline (Abstract)

R. Cano , New Jersey Inst. of Technol., Newark, NJ, USA
pp. T3E-11-16vol.1

Empowerment to success: the class structure in an honors engineering course (Abstract)

J. Steciak , Dept. of Comput. Sci., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. T3E-23-6vol.1

IEEE PDI: a gateway for lifelong engineering education (Abstract)

L. Feisel , Thomas Watson Sch. of Eng. & Appl. Sci., State Univ. of New York, Binghamton, NY, USA
pp. T3F-T31vol.1

Distance learning need not sacrifice high-quality education (Abstract)

L. Shafer , Coll. of Eng., Texas Univ., Austin, TX, USA
pp. T3F-2-8vol.1

Development of undergraduate online CS/IS course based on Web-lecturing technology (Abstract)

V. Uskov , Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Inf. Syst., Bradley Univ., Peoria, IL, USA
pp. T3F-T39vol.1

The application of nearest neighbor algorithm on creating an adaptive on-line learning system (Abstract)

Bih-Yaw Shih , Dept. of Bus. Manage., Cheng-Shiu Inst. of Technol., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
pp. T3F-10-13vol.1

Web/DVD-based multimedia architecture simulator (Abstract)

E. Asai , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Massachusetts Univ., Amherst, MA, USA
pp. T3F-14-19vol.1

Assessment strategies: feedback is too late! (Abstract)

S.A. Mandayam , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Rowan Univ., Glassboro, NJ, USA
pp. T4A-1-4vol.1

A fine-grid model for evaluating multidisciplinary team experiences (Abstract)

J.R. Rowland , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Kansas Univ., Lawrence, KS, USA
pp. T4A-5-8vol.1

Relative validity of peer and self-evaluations in self-directed interdependent work teams (Abstract)

R.S. Thompson , Pet. Eng. Dept., Colorado Sch. of Mines, Golden, CO, USA
pp. T4A-9-T4A-14vol.1

Curriculum improvements in power engineering (Abstract)

E. O'Neill-Carrillo , Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Puerto Rico Univ., Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
pp. T4A-15-20vol.1

Professional accreditation toward outcome-driven curricula (Abstract)

A. Nafalski , Sch. of Electr. & Inf. Eng., Univ. of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, SA, Australia
pp. T4A-21-4vol.1

Go with the flow: a design project to build community (Abstract)

E.M. Cashman , Environ. Resources Eng., Humboldt State Univ., Arcata, CA, USA
pp. T4B-1-6vol.1

Advanced learning made as easy as ABC: an example using design for fatigue of machine elements subjected to simple and combined loads (Abstract)

C. Egelhoff , Mech. Eng. Sect., United States Coast Guard Acad., New London, CT, USA
pp. T4B-7-T4B-12vol.1

Modelling the context of continuing professional development (Abstract)

F.K. Fink , Aalborg Univ., Denmark
pp. T4B-19-24vol.1

Systemic reform in undergraduate engineering education: the role of collective responsibility (Abstract)

P.D. Fisher , Coll. of Eng., Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI, USA
pp. TIA-2-6vol.1

Assessment measures to enhance teaching and curriculum effectiveness (Abstract)

C.M. Saviz , Dept. of Civil Eng., Univ. of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, USA
pp. TIA-7-TIA-12vol.1

Trust: essential to effective assessment (Abstract)

J.J. Hoey , Office of Assessment, Georgia Inst. of Technol., Atlanta, GA, USA
pp. TIA-T13vol.1

Assessing student preparedness for professional engineering practice: a professional advice task (Abstract)

J. Turns , Center for Eng. Learning & Teaching, Washington Univ., Seattle, WA, USA
pp. TIA-T14vol.1

Learning the "write" way in science and engineering (Abstract)

T. Larkin-Hein , Dept. of Phys., American Univ., Washington, DC, USA
pp. TIB-7-TIB-13vol.1

Writing as an instrument for modeling students learning attitude (Abstract)

M. Feldgen , Fac. do Ingenieria, Buenos Aires Univ., Argentina
pp. TIB-T14vol.1

Active and co-operative learning among B.E. Students (Abstract)

N.R. Devi , Dept. of CSE, Chaitanya Bharathi Inst. of Technol., Hyderabad, India
pp. TIB-16-18vol.1

DSP lab course experiments based on the Motorola DSP56K processor (Abstract)

D. Baez-Lopez , Dept. de Ingenieria Electronica, Univerersidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico
pp. TIC-1-4vol.1

Interactive animation and visualization in a virtual soil mechanics laboratory (Abstract)

M.E. Haque , Dept. of Constr. Sci., Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, USA
pp. TIC-5-9vol.1

A hands-on approach to teaching manufacturing processes (Abstract)

M.E. Ssemakula , Div. of Eng. Technol., Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI, USA
pp. TIC-10-14vol.1

Software-aided reliability education (Abstract)

J. Marcos , Dept. of Electron. Technol., Vigo Univ., Spain
pp. TIC-15-18vol.1

A first course in digital design using VHDL and programmable logic (Abstract)

S. Areibi , Sch. of Eng., Guelph Univ., Ont., Canada
pp. TIC-19-23vol.1

Visualising and interpreting individual student models developed whilst learning the foundations of object oriented programming (Abstract)

C. Burrell , Dept. of Inf. Technol., Waikato Polytech., Hamilton, New Zealand
pp. TID-TI1vol.1

A tool for data structure visualization and user-defined algorithm animation (Abstract)

Tao Chen , Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Eng., Bridgeport Univ., CT, USA
pp. TID-2-7vol.1

Teaching to identify problems in a creative way (Abstract)

E. Sutinen , Dept. of Sci. & Technol., Linkoping Univ., Sweden
pp. TID-8-TID-13vol.1

Tying student work and assessment directly to learning objectives in CS1 (Abstract)

D.J. Neebel , Math. & Comput. Sci., Loras Coll., Dubuque, IA, USA
pp. TID-T14vol.1

Teaching object-oriented programming on top of functional programming (Abstract)

J.T. Kristensen , Informatics & Math. Modelling, Tech. Univ. Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
pp. TID-15-20vol.1

Engineering and Construction Camp at the USAF academy (Abstract)

H. Rischel , Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng., USAF Acad., CO, USA
pp. TIE-1-3vol.1

Experiences with an engineering technology course for education majors (Abstract)

R.K. Jones , Battle Mountain High School, NV, USA
pp. TIE-4-8vol.1

Engineering workshops for K-12 schoolteachers (Abstract)

J.L. DeGrazia , Coll. of Eng. & Appl. Sci., Colorado Univ., Boulder, CO, USA
pp. TIE-9-TIE-14vol.1

Infinity project: a high school engineering curriculum, one year later (Abstract)

M.A. Yoder , Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technol., Terre Haute, IN, USA
pp. TIE-T15vol.1

Teaching invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship to Northern Nevada high school science and math teachers (Abstract)

J.A. Kleppe , Dept. of Electr. Eng., Nevada Univ., Reno, NV, USA
pp. TIE-16-19vol.1

Teaching technology in an online, distance education environment (Abstract)

M.S. Cohen , Sch. of Comput. & Inf. Sci., Nova Southeastern Univ., Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
pp. TIF-1-6vol.1

The intelligent assessment system in Web-based distance learning education (Abstract)

RuiMin Shen , Comput. Sci. & Eng. Dept, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China
pp. TIF-7-TIF-11vol.1

Team learning in an online lab (Abstract)

B. Wagner , Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Hannover Univ., Germany
pp. TIF-18-22vol.1

Does teaching online take more time? (Abstract)

G.W. Hislop , Coll. of Inf. Sci. & Technol., Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA, USA
pp. TIF-23-7vol.1

Making connections through development [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

S. Vanneman , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-1-3vol.1

Making connections through the World Wide Web [engineering education marketing] (Abstract)

J.J. Schemmel , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-4-5vol.1

Making connections through publications [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

M.-A. Bloss , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-6-7vol.1

Connections: marketing the University of Arkansas College of Engineering (Abstract)

O.J. Loewer , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-8-TIG-11vol.1

Connections: the marketing plan for the University of Arkansas College of Engineering (Abstract)

R.E. Wardlow , Coll. of Eng., Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-12-14vol.1

Making connections through media relations [engineering college marketing] (Abstract)

C. Garcia , Arkansas Univ., Fayetteville, AR, USA
pp. TIG-15-17vol.1

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