The Community for Technology Leaders
10th International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems, 2004. Proceedings. (2004)
Crete, Greece
Apr. 19, 2004 to Apr. 23, 2004
ISSN: 1522-8681
ISBN: 0-7695-2133-9

Symposium Committee (PDF)

pp. x-xii
Keynote I

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Session I: Design and Test

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A Fast and Energy-Efficient Stack (Abstract)

Jo Ebergen , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Daniel Finchelstein , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Russell Kao , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Jon Lexau , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
David Hopkins , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
pp. 7-16

General Testers for Asynchronous Circuits (Abstract)

Radu Negulescu , McGill University
pp. 28-38
Session II: Timing

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Analog Micropipeline Rings for High Precision Timing (Abstract)

Scott Fairbanks , Cambridge University
Simon Moore , Cambridge University
pp. 41-50

Transistor Sizing: How to Control the Speed and Energy Consumption of a Circuit (Abstract)

Jo Ebergen , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Jonathan Gainsley , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Paul Cunningham , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
pp. 51-61
Session III: Asynchronous Designs I

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Non-Uniform Access Asynchronous Register Files (Abstract)

David Fang , Cornell University
Rajit Manohar , Cornell University
pp. 75-85

High Performance Asynchronous ASIC Back-End Design Flow Using Single-Track Full-Buffer Standard Cells (Abstract)

Marcos Ferretti , University of Southern California
Recep O. Ozdag , University of Southern California
Peter A. Beerel , University of Southern California
pp. 95-105
Keynote II

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Session IV: Synthesis and Verification

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Bolstering Faith in GasP Circuits through Formal Verification (Abstract)

Xiaohua Kong , McGill University
Radu Negulescu , McGill University
pp. 113-124

Synthesis of Speed Independent Circuits Based on Decomposition (Abstract)

Tomohiro Yoneda , National Institute of Informatics
Hiroomi Onda , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Chris Myers , University of Utah
pp. 135-145
Session V: Synchronization

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Handshake Protocols for De-Synchronization (Abstract)

I. Blunno , Politecnico di Torino
J. Cortadella , Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya
A. Kondratyev , Cadence Berkeley Labs
L. Lavagno , Politecnico di Torino and Cadence Berkeley Labs
K. Lwin , Cadence Berkeley Labs
C. Sotiriou , ICS-FORTH
pp. 149-158

Hiding Synchronization Delays in a GALS Processor Microarchitecture (Abstract)

Greg Semeraro , Rochester Institute of Technology
David H. Albonesi , University of Rochester
Grigorios Magklis , University of Rochester
Michael L. Scott , University of Rochester
Steven G. Dropsho , University of Rochester
Sandhya Dwarkadas , University of Rochester
pp. 159-169

Data Synchronization Issues in GALS SoCs (Abstract)

Rostislav (Reuven) Dobkin , Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Ran Ginosar , Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
pp. 170-180
Keynote III

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Session VI: Asynchronous Design II

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Asynchronous FIR Filters: Towards a New Digital Processing Chain (Abstract)

F. Aeschlimann , TIMA Laboratory
E. Allier , TIMA Laboratory
L. Fesquet , TIMA Laboratory
M. Renaudin , TIMA Laboratory
pp. 198-206

An Asynchronous, Iterative Implementation of the Original Booth Multiplication Algorithm (Abstract)

A. Efthymiou , University of Manchester
W. Suntiamorntut , University of Manchester
J. Garside , University of Manchester
L. E. M. Brackenbury , University of Manchester
pp. 207-215
Session VII: High Speed and Pulse Logic

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pp. null

High-Speed Reduced Stack Dual Lock Circuits (Abstract)

Nisrine Saadallah , McGill University
Xiaohua Kong , McGill University
Radu Negulescu , McGill University
pp. 219-228

An Eight-Bit Divider Implemented in Asynchronous Pulse Logic (Abstract)

Mika Nyström , California Institute of Technology
Elaine Ou , California Institute of Technology
Alain J. Martin , California Institute of Technology
pp. 229-239

Long Wires and Asynchronous Control (Abstract)

Ron Ho , Sun Microsystems Research Laboratories
Jon Gainsley , Sun Microsystems Research Laboratories
Robert Drost , Sun Microsystems Research Laboratories
pp. 240-249
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