The Community for Technology Leaders
Proceedings Fourth International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (1998)
San Diego, CA
Mar. 30, 1998 to Apr. 2, 1998
ISBN: 0-8186-8392-9
Session I: SUN, Chair: Al Davis, University of Utah

A FIFO Data Switch Design Experiment (Abstract)

William S. Coates , Sun Microsystems Laboratorie
Jon K. Lexau , Sun Microsystems Laboratorie
Ian W. Jones , Sun Microsystems Laboratorie
Scott M. Fairbanks , Sun Microsystems Laboratorie
Ivan E. Sutherland , Sun Microsystems Laboratorie
pp. 0004
Session II: Microprocessor I, Chair: Erik Brunvand, University of Utah

ASPRO-216: A Standard-Cell Q.D.I. 16-Bit RISC Asynchronous Microprocessor (Abstract)

M. Renaudin , E.N.S.T. de Bretagne, France Telecom - CNET
P. Vivet , E.N.S.T. de Bretagne, France Telecom - CNET
F. Robin , E.N.S.T. de Bretagne, France Telecom - CNET
pp. 0022
Session III: Synthesis and Tech Map, Chair: Steve Burns, INTEL Corporation
Session IV: Microprocessor II, Chair: Steve Furber, University of Manchester, UK

An Asynchronous Low-Power 80C51 Microcontroller (Abstract)

Hans van Gageldonk , Eindhoven University of Technology
Kees van Berkel , Philips Research Laboratories
Ad Peeters , Philips Research Laboratories
Daniel Baumann , Philips Semiconductors
Daniel Gloor , Philips Semiconductors
Gerhard Stegmann , Philips Semiconductors
pp. 0096

The Design of an Asynchronous TinyRISCTM TR4101 Microprocessor Core (Abstract)

K. T. Christensen , Technical University of Denmark
P. Jensen , LSI Logic Denmark
P. Korger , LSI Logic Denmark
J. Sparsø , Technical University of Denmark
pp. 0108
Session V: Interconnect, Chair: Mark Horowitz, Stanford University

Asynchronous Macrocell Interconnect using MARBLE (Abstract)

W.J. Bainbridge , AMULET Group, University of Manchester
S.B. Furber , AMULET Group, University of Manchester
pp. 0122
Session VI: Verification, Chair: Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, University of Utah

Verifying a Self-Timed Divider (Abstract)

Tarik On-Tesfaye , University of British Columbia,
Christoph Kern , University of British Columbia,
Mark R. Greenstreet , University of British Columbia,
pp. 0146

Verification of Speed-Dependences in Single-Rail Handshake Circuits (Abstract)

Radu Negulescu , University of Waterloo
Ad Peeters , Philips Research Laboratories
pp. 0159
Session VII: Formal Methods, Chair: Mark Josephs, Southbank University, UK

Analyzing Specifications for Delay-Insensitive Circuits (Abstract)

Tom Verhoeff , Eindhoven University of Technology
pp. 0172

Building Finite Automata from DI Specifications (Abstract)

Willem C. Mallon , Groningen University
Jan Tijmen Udding , Groningen University
pp. 0184
Session VIII: Signal Processing, Chair: Jens Sparsø, Technical University of Denmark

Towards Asynchronous A-D Conversion (Abstract)

D.J. Kinniment , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
A.V. Yakovlev , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
F. Xia , University of Newcastle upon Tyne
B. Gao , Cypress Semiconductor UK Design Center
pp. 0206

A Single Chip Low Power Asynchronous Implementation of an FFT Algorithm for Space Applications (Abstract)

Bruce W. Hunt , Air Force Institute of Technology
Kenneth S. Stevens , Air Force Institute of Technology
Bruce W. Suter , Air Force Institute of Technology
Don S. Gelosh , Air Force Institute of Technology
pp. 0216

An Asynchronous 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform Chip (Abstract)

Ross Smith , Theseus Logic, Inc.
Karl Fant , Theseus Logic, Inc.
Dave Parker , Theseus Logic, Inc.
Rick Stephani , Theseus Logic, Inc.
Ching-Yi Wang , Theseus Logic, Inc.
pp. 0224
Session IX: Performance Analysis, Chair: Mark Greenstreet, University of British Columbia

Predicting Performance of Micropipelines Using Charlie Diagrams (Abstract)

Jo C. Ebergen , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Scott Fairbanks , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Ivan E. Sutherland , Sun Microsystems Laboratories
pp. 0238
Session X: RSFQ, Chair: Don Fussell, University of Texas at Austin

Primitive-Level Pipelining Method on Delay-Insensitive Model for RSFQ Pulse-Driven Logic (Abstract)

Yoshio Kameda , University of Tokyo
Stanislav Polonsky , Physics Department, SUNY Stony Brook
Masaaki Maezawa , Electron Devices Devision, Electrotechnical Laboratory
Takashi Nanya , University of Tokyo
pp. 0262

Asynchronous Circuits and Systems in Superconducting RSFQ Digital Technology (Abstract)

Z. John Deng , Nobuyoki Yoshikawa
Steve R. Whiteley , Nobuyoki Yoshikawa
Theodore Van Duzer , Nobuyoki Yoshikawa
Jose A. Tierno , IBM - T. J. Watson Research Center
pp. 0274

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