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Agent Systems and Applications, International Symposium on / International Symposium on Mobile Agents (1999)
Palm Springs, California
Oct. 3, 1999 to Oct. 6, 1999
ISSN: 1530-2008
ISBN: 0-7695-0340-3
Languages and Tools

Nomadic Pict: Language and Infrastructure Design for Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Pawel T. Wojciechowski , University of Cambridge
Peter Sewell , University of Cambridge
pp. 2

ADK—Building Mobile Agents for Network and Systems Management from Reusable Components (Abstract)

Thomas Gschwind , Technische Universitaet Wien
Metin Feridun , IBM Research Division
Stefan Pleisch , IBM Research Division
pp. 13

Jocaml: Mobile Agents for Objective-Caml (Abstract)

Silvain Conchon , INRIA Rocquencourt, France
Fabrice Le Fessant , INRIA Rocquencourt, France
pp. 22

JGram: Rapid Development of Multi-Agent Pipelines for Real-World Tasks (Abstract)

Rahul Sukthankar , Just Research and Carnegie Mellon University
Antoine Brusseau , Just Research
Ray Pelletier , Just Research
Robert Stockton , Just Research
pp. 30

The Effects of a Mobile Agent on File Service (Abstract)

Tammo Spalink , The University of Arizona
John H. Hartman , The University of Arizona
Garth Gibson , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 42

Mobile Agent Platforms for Web Databases: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment (Abstract)

George Samaras , University of Cyprus
Marios D. Dikaiakos , University of Cyprus
Constantinos Spyrou , University of Cyprus
Andreas Liverdos , University of Cyprus
pp. 50

An Analytical Comparison of the Client-Server, Remote Evaluation and Mobile Agents Paradigms (Abstract)

A Puliafito , Universit? di Messina
S. Riccobene , Universit? di Catania
M. Scarpa , Universit? di Catania
pp. 278
Planning and Scheduling

Agents in Manufacturing: Online Scheduling and Production Plant Configuration (Abstract)

Thorsten Bohnenberger , German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Klaus Fischer , German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Christian Gerber , German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
pp. 66

CPU Resource Control for Mobile Programs (Abstract)

Raju Pandey , University of California at Davis
Manoj Lal , University of California at Davis
pp. 74

Protecting Mobile Web-Commerce Agents with Smartcards (Abstract)

Stefan Fünfrocken , Darmstadt University of Technology,
pp. 90
Networking and Communications

Hive: Distributed Agents for Networking Things (Abstract)

Nelson Minar , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matthew Gray , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oliver Roup , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Raffi Krikorian , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pattie Maes , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 118

Mobile Agents for Aggregation of Network Management Data (Abstract)

Robert Pinheiro , Telcordia Technologies
Alex Poylisher , University of Warwick,
Hamish Caldwell , BellSouth Telecommunications
pp. 130

Reliable Communication for Highly Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Amy L. Murphy , Washington University in St. Louis
Gian Pietro Picco , Politecnico di Milano
pp. 141
Distributed and Mobile Services

Disseminating Mobile Agents for Distributed Information Filtering (Abstract)

Wolfgang Theilmann , University of Stuttgart
Kurt Rothermel , University of Stuttgart
pp. 152
Distributed and Mobile Services

Composition of Services with Mobile Code (Abstract)

Pierre-Antoine Queloz , University of Geneva
Alex Villazón , University of Geneva
pp. 176

Adaptive Mobile Access to Context-Aware Services (Abstract)

Ernö Kovacs , Sony International (Europe) GmbH
Klaus Röhrle , Sony International (Europe) GmbH
Björn Schiemann , Siemens AG
pp. 190
Agent Intelligence

Role Modeling for Agent System Analysis, Design, and Implementation (Abstract)

Elizabeth A. Kendall , Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
pp. 204

An Agent-Based Infrastructure for Enterprise Integration (Abstract)

R. Scott Cost , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Tim Finin , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Yannis Labrou , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Xiaocheng Luan , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Yun Peng , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
Ian Soboroff , University of Maryland at Baltimore County
James Mayfield , Johns Hopkins University
Akram Boughannam , IBM Corporation
pp. 219

Robot Media Communication: An Interactive Real-World Guide Agent (Abstract)

Noriko Etani , Nara Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 234
Poster Session Papers

Panel: Content-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval with Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Volker Roth , Fraunhofer Institut f?r Graphische Datenverarbeitung
pp. 260

A Dynamic Negotiation Framework for Mobile Agents (Abstract)

M.T. Tu , University of Hamburg
C. Seebode , University of Hamburg
W. Lamersdorf , University of Hamburg
pp. 262

User Interfaces with Java Mobile Agents: The AgentSpace Case Study (Abstract)

Alberto Rodrigues da Silva , Universidade T?cnica de Lisboa
Miguel Mira da Silva , Universidade T?cnica de Lisboa
Artur Romão , Universidade de ?vora
pp. 264

Agentbase—A Framework for Handling Multiple Agents (Abstract)

Chihiro Ono , KDD R&D Labs. Inc.
Satoshi Nishiyama , KDD R&D Labs. Inc.
Sadao Obana , KDD R&D Labs. Inc.
pp. 266

Establishing a Secure Open-Environment for Using Mobile Agents in Electronic Commerce (Abstract)

Paulo Jorge Marques , Universidade de Coimbra
Luis Moura Silva , Universidade de Coimbra
João Gabriel Silva , Universidade de Coimbra
pp. 268

The Performance of Mobile Agent Platforms (Abstract)

Luís Moura Silva , Universidade de Coimbra - POLO II
Guilherme Soares , Universidade de Coimbra - POLO II
Paulo Martins , Universidade de Coimbra - POLO II
Victor Batista , Universidade de Coimbra - POLO II
Luís Santos , Universidade de Coimbra - POLO II
pp. 270

Simulating Mobile Agent Systems with Swarm (Abstract)

Anselm Lingnau , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit?t Frankfurt
Oswald Drobnik , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit?t Frankfurt
pp. 272

PLANET: An Open Mobile Object System for Open Network (Abstract)

Kazuhiko Kato , University of Tsukuba and Japan Science and Technology Corporation
Katsuya Matsubara , University of Tsukuba
Yuuichi Someya , University of Tsukuba
Kazumasa Itabashi , University of Tsukuba
Yutaka Moriyama , University of Tsukuba
pp. 274

Mobile and Distributed Agents in Mobidget (Abstract)

Satoru Fujita , NEC Corporation
Kazuya Koyama , NEC Corporation
Toru Yamanouchi , NEC Corporation
Suresh Jagannathan , NEC Corporation
Richard Kelsey , NEC Corporation
James Philbin , NEC Corporation
pp. 276

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