The Community for Technology Leaders
Research Challenges, Academia/Industry Working Conference on (2000)
Buffalo, New York
Apr. 27, 2000 to Apr. 29, 2000
ISBN: 0-7695-0628-3

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I. NG Enterprises: Organization and Group Level Issue, Chairs: Devaki Rau and Diane Rulke

Virtual Organizations: The Key Dimensions (Abstract)

Yuan Pu Shao , City University of Hong Kong
Matthew K.O. Lee , City University of Hong Kong
Shao Yi Liao , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 3

Case Study: A Virtual Group at Telcordia (Abstract)

Derek Fields , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Ed Miller , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
pp. 9

Technology and Trust in Teams (Abstract)

Penelope Brown , Cranfield School of Management
pp. 15

Coordinating Technologies for Knowledge Management in Virtual Organizations (Abstract)

Joyce Lucca , Oklahoma State University
Ramesh Sharda , Oklahoma State University
Mark Weiser , Oklahoma State University
pp. 21

Building Virtual Communities for Research Collaboration (Abstract)

M.C. Schraefel , University of Toronto
Janet Ho , University of Toronto
Mark Chignell , University of Toronto
Michael Milton , Bell Canada University Laboratories
pp. 27
II. NG Enterprises: Strategic Issues, Chairs: Catherine Maritan and Thomas H. Brush

Object-Orientation: A New Perspective on Strategy (Abstract)

Richard T. Watson , University of Georgia
George M. Zinkhan , University of Georgia
Leyland F. Pitt , Curtin University of Technology
pp. 35
III. Virtual Teams: Integrating Organizations and Technologies, Chair: Gale Moore, University of Toronto, Canada

Collaborative Design System for Performance (Abstract)

Zhang Haixia , Tsinghua University
Wu Huapeng , Tsinghua University
Lv Jungang , Tsinghua University
Chen Darong , Tsinghua University
pp. 59

Collaboration on the Fly (Abstract)

David Zager , Avesta Technologies, Inc.
pp. 65

CoMedia - An International Collaboration Best Practice Case (Abstract)

Michael J. Murphy , Ryerson Polytechnic University
Walter Ganz , Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering
Alexander Karapidis , Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering
pp. 71
IV. Knowledge Management in NG Enterprises, Chairs: Mark Weiser and Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University, OK

Modeling Distributed Knowledge Processes in Next Generation Multidisciplinary Alliances (Abstract)

Alaina G. Kanfer , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bertram C. Bruce , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Caroline Haythornthwaite , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nicholas Burbules , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
James Wade , University of Wisconsin at Madison
Geoffrey C. Bowker , University of California at San Diego
Joseph Porac , Emory University
pp. 83

A Knowledge-Based Decision Support Workbench for Advanced Ecommerce (Abstract)

Amjad Umar , Telcordia Technologies
Michelle Bianchi , Telcordia Technologies
Francesco Caruso , Telcordia Technologies
Paolo Missier , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 93

Next Generation Enterprises: A Framework for Analysis (Abstract)

Amjad Umar , Telcordia Technologies
Deborah Elsinger , Telcordia Technologies
Ming-Yee Lai , Telcordia Technologies
pp. 101

System Dynamics for Knowledge-Based Decision Making (Abstract)

Hee-Woong Kim , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sang-Man Kwak , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nam-Hong Yim , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 107
V. Models and Systems of NG E-Commerce, Chairs: Abhijit Chaudhuri and Kevin Kwait

Metaphors of Information System for E-Commerce (Abstract)

Hee-Dong Yang , University of Massachusetts at Boston
pp. 115

E-Commerce Extended Platform (Abstract)

Jean-Pierre Kuilboer , University of Massachusetts Boston
pp. 121

Building Flexible Mobile Applications for Next Generation Enterprises (Abstract)

Karun Karunanithi , Telcordia Technologies Inc.
Khurram Haneef , Telcordia Technologies Inc.
Bruno Cordioli , Telcordia Technologies Inc.
Amjad Umar , Telcordia Technologies Inc.
Ravi Jain , Telcordia Technologies Inc.
pp. 127
VI. Economics of NG Enterprises, Chairs: Isaac Ehrlich and Govind Hariharan, Department of Economics, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Technical Personnel Development of Township Enterprises (Abstract)

Wensheng Sun , Agricultural University of Hebei
Guanghua Jin , Agricultural University of Hebei
pp. 157

Business Models for Coordinating Next Generation Enterprises (Abstract)

Markus Rehfeldt , Deutshe Telekom Inovationsgesellschaft mbH.
Klaus Turowski , Otto-von Guericke-University Magdeburg
pp. 163
VII. Pervasive Computing Technologies: Challenges and Frontiers in Document Management and Digital Transaction Systems, Chairs: Gilbert Porter and Ed Mauro

Telemedicine: The Next Generation Is Here (Abstract)

Myron H. Frommer , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
pp. 197

Abstract Device Platform (PDF)

Naveen Sharma , Xerox Corporation
Xin Xu , Xerox Corporation
Dipak Pravin , Xerox Corporation
pp. 205
VIII. Mobile Computing Technologies: Challenges and Frontiers, Chairs: William Webb and Patrick Kennedy

A Comparison of Mobile Agent and Client-Server Paradigms for Information Retrieval Tasks in Virtual Enterprises (Abstract)

Ravi Jain , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Farooq Anjum , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Amjad Umar , Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
pp. 209

A Local/Global Strategy Based on Signal Strength for Message Routing in Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Tien-Chung Tien , State University of New York at Buffalo
Shambhu J. Upadhyaya , State University of New York at Buffalo
pp. 227

Towards a Mobile Enterprise Framework (PDF)

Andry Rakotonirainy , University of Queensland
Seng Wai Loke , Monash University
Arkady Zaslavsky , Monash University
pp. 233
IX. Pervasive/Mobile Computing Infrastructures and Architectures, Chairs: Amjad Umar and Ravi Jain, Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), NJ

Mediating Negotiations in a Virtual Enterprise via Mobile Agents (Abstract)

Nick Szirbik , Eindhoven University of Technology
Ad Aerts , Eindhoven University of Technology
Hans Wortmann , Eindhoven University of Technology
Dieter Hammer , Eindhoven University of Technology
Jan Goossenaerts , Eindhoven University of Technology
pp. 237

Mobile Applications on Virtual University (Abstract)

Shirabe Ogino , University of Tokyo
Masao Sakauchi , University of Tokyo
pp. 243

QoS Considerations on the Third Generation (3G) Wireless Systems (Abstract)

Shaw-Kung Jong , Stevens Institute of Technology
Belka Kraimeche , Stevens Institute of Technology
pp. 249
X. Virtual Supply Chains and Product Development, Chairs: Ram Akella and Chris Burchett

ISYDES: The Project of a Tool Aimed at Information System Development (Abstract)

Antonio Boccalatte , University of Genova
Davide Giglio , University of Genova
Massimo Paolucci , University of Genova
pp. 293
XI. Innovative Internet Opportunities and Opportunistic Networking, Chair: M.S. Krishnan, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, MI

Distance Learning Using Web-Based Multimedia Environment (Abstract)

Khalid J. Siddiqui , State University of New York College at Fredonia
Junaid A. Zubairi , State University of New York College at Fredonia
pp. 325
XII. Other NG Technology Frontiers, Chairs: Shambhu Upadhyaya and Bharat Jayaraman, Computer Science & Engineering, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

eFlow: A Platform for Developing and Managing Composite e-Services (Abstract)

Fabio Casati , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Ski Ilnicki , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Li-Jie Jin , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Vasudev Krishnamoorthy , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Ming-Chien Shan , Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
pp. 341

Profitable Connection Assignment for Incremental traffic in All-Optical WDM Networks (Abstract)

Vishal Anand , State University of New York at Buffalo
Tushar Katarki , State University of New York at Buffalo
Chunming Qiao , State University of New York at Buffalo
pp. 355

Exploiting the Overlap of Security and Fault-Tolerance (Abstract)

Ben Hardekopf , Air Force Research Laboratory
Kevin Kwiat , Air Force Research Laboratory
pp. 361

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pp. 367
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