The Community for Technology Leaders
AGILE Conference (2007)
Washington, DC
Aug. 13, 2007 to Aug. 17, 2007
ISBN: 0-7695-2872-4

AGILE 2007 - Title (PDF)

pp. i-iii

"Talking the talk": Is intermediate-level conversation the key to the pair programming success story? (Abstract)

S. Freudenberg , Univ. of Sussex, Brighton
P. Romero , Univ. of Sussex, Brighton
B. du Boulay , Univ. of Sussex, Brighton
pp. 84-91

Agile 2007 Research Papers (PDF)

Grigori Melnik , University of Calgary, Canada
Philippe Kruchten , University of British Columbia, Canada
pp. 2-3
Empirical Evaluation of TDD

On the Sustained Use of a Test-Driven Development Practice at IBM (Abstract)

Julio Cesar Sanchez , IBM Corporation
Laurie Williams , North Carolina State University
E. Michael Maximilien , IBM Corporation
pp. 5-14
Social Aspects of Agile Teams

The Social Nature of Agile Teams (Abstract)

Elizabeth Whitworth , Carleton University
Robert Biddle , Carleton University
pp. 26-36

Does the XP environment meet the motivational needs of the software developer? An empirical study (Abstract)

Sarah Beecham , University of Hertfordshire, UK
Helen Sharp , The Open University, Walton Hall, MK7 6AA, UK
Nathan Baddoo , University of Hertfordshire, UK
Tracy Hall , University of Hertfordshire, UK
Hugh Robinson , University of Hertfordshire, UK
pp. 37-49
Agile Usability

Agile Development Iterations and UI Design (Abstract)

Jennifer Ferreira , Victoria University of Wellington
James Noble , Victoria University of Wellington
Robert Biddle , Carleton University
pp. 50-58
Impact of Agile Practices

The Relationship between Customer Collaboration and Software Project Overruns (Abstract)

Kjetil Molokken-Ostvold , Simula Research Laboratory, P.O.Box 134, 1325 Lysaker, Norway
Kristian Marius Furulund , University of Oslo, P.O.Box 1080 Blindern, 0316 Oslo, Norway
pp. 72-83

The Role of Incremental Change in Agile Software Processes (Abstract)

Neal Febbraro , Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
V?clav Rajlich , Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
pp. 92-103
Teaching Agile Methods in the Classroom

Experiences Using Automated 4ests and 4est Driven Development in Computer 9cience I (Abstract)

Carol A. Wellington , Shippensburg University
Thomas H. Briggs , Shippensburg University
C. Dudley Girard , Shippensburg University
pp. 106-112

The Value of Agile in Experiential Learning of Software Development (Abstract)

Cyril M. Coupal , University of Saskatchewan
Kelvin Boechler , SIAST Kelsey Campus
pp. 113-120
Adoption Stories - Part 1

Consciously Evolving an Agile Team (Abstract)

Aaron Ruhnow , iLevel, by Weyerhaeuser
pp. 130-135

Large Scale Agile Transformation in an On-Demand World (Abstract)

Chris Fry ,
Steve Greene ,
pp. 136-142

Agile ERP: "You don?t know what you've got 'till it's gone!" (Abstract)

Gerard Meszaros , clearStream Consulting
Janice Aston , Canadian Pacific
pp. 143-149
Agile Architecture Challenges

Evolving into Embedded Develop (Abstract)

Matt Fletcher , Atomic Object, LLC
William Bereza , Atomic Object, LLC
Mike Karlesky , Atomic Object, LLC
Greg Williams , Atomic Object, LLC
pp. 150-155

Traveling the Open Road: Using Open Source Practices to Transform Our Organization (Abstract)

Phillip Smith , Specialist Consultant - DTE Energy
Chris Garber-Brown , IT Manager - DTE Energy
pp. 156-161

Agile Architecture - Changing Application Servers (Abstract)

Veljko Krunic , Rally Software Development
pp. 162-168
Building Trust with Collaboration

Overcoming Fear with Trust (Abstract)

Brian Button , Asynchrony Solutions, Inc.
pp. 169-174

Scrum at a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company (Abstract)

Richard Moore , 3M Company
Kelly Reff , 3M Company
James Graham , 3M Company
Brian Hackerson , 3M Company
pp. 175-180
Agile PMO

Establishing the Agile PMO: Managing variability across Projects and Portfolios (Abstract)

Ash Tengshe , Capital One Auto Finance
Scott Noble , Capital One Auto Finance
pp. 188-193
Open Workspaces

Common Areas At The Heart (Abstract)

George Dinwiddie , iDIA Computing, LLC
pp. 207-211

On Rabbits, Space and Cards: Moving Towards an InformativeWorkspace (Abstract)

Johanna Hunt , Future Platforms Ltd. Brighton, UK
Tom Hume , Future Platforms Ltd. Brighton, UK
Devi Lozdan , Future Platforms Ltd. Brighton, UK
pp. 212-217
Growing People and Teams

The Growth of an Agile Coach Community at a Fortune 200 Company (Abstract)

Kara Silva , Capital One Financial Corporation
Chris Doss , Capital One Financial Corporation
pp. 225-228

The Rollercoaster of Required Agile Transition (Abstract)

Rich Jochems , Progressive Insurance
Shane Rodgers , Progressive Insurance
pp. 229-233
Adoption Stories - Part 2

Agile: Adopting a New Methodology at Harvard Business School (Abstract)

Susan Borges , Harvard Business School
Jennifer Gilmore , Harvard Business School
Sarah Edrie Oliveira , Harvard Business School
pp. 249-254
Process Improvement

ISO 9001 and Agile Development (Abstract)

Bill McMichael , Primavera Systems, Inc.
Marc Lombardi , RCG Information Technology
pp. 262-265

Scrum and CMMI Level 5: The Magic Potion for Code Warriors (Abstract)

Jeff Sutherland , Patientkeeper Inc.
Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen , Systematic Software Engineering
Kent Johnson , AgileDigm Inc.
pp. 272-278
Supporting the Product Owner

The UCD Perspective: Before and After Agile (Abstract)

Heather Williams , Elsevier, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Andrew Ferguson , Elsevier, Inc., Dayton, Ohio
pp. 285-290

From Waterfall to Agile - How does a QA Team Transition? (Abstract)

Megan , Misys Healthcare Systems
pp. 291-295
Scaling Up
Product Ownership

Scaling Product Ownership (Abstract)

Mike Lowery , British Broadcasting Corporation
Marcus Evans , British Broadcasting Corporation
pp. 328-333
Business and Technical People Working Together

How We Made Onsite Customer Work - An Extreme Success Story (Abstract)

Michelle Williams , Sabre Airline Solutions
Jay Packlick , Sabre Airline Solutions
Rajeev Bellubbi , Sabre Airline Solutions
Scott Coburn , Sabre Airline Solutions
pp. 334-338

A Technical Story (Abstract)

pp. 339-343

Octopus : Agile software development facing our imperfect world (Abstract)

Eric Groise , Octopus Micro Finance Suite - OCTO Technology
Nicolas Mangin , Octopus Micro Finance Suite - OCTO Technology
pp. 344-350
Technical Stories

Performance Testing on an Agile Project (Abstract)

Jamie Dobson , Dobson Coaching and Consulting
pp. 351-358

Large Build Teams: Help or Hindrance? (Abstract)

Julian Simpson , ThoughtWorks Berkshire House, London, UK
Shane Duan , Guidewire Software, Inc.
pp. 359-364
Distributed Agile

Implementing Scrum in a Distributed Software Development Organization (Abstract)

Hubert Smits , Rally Software Development
Guy Pshigoda , BMC Software
pp. 371-375

Experience Report 'Offshore XP for PDA development' (Abstract)

Sergei Andrzeevski , Project Manager in StarSoft Development Labs
pp. 376-381
Release Management

Over the Waterfall in a Barrel - MSIT Adventures in Scrum (Abstract)

Jeanne Lewis , Microsoft Corporation
Kevin Neher , Microsoft Corporation
pp. 389-394

Growing a Build Management System from Seed (Abstract)

Narti Kitiyakara , Digital Focus, Inc.
Joseph Graves , Fund Development Services
pp. 401-407
Team Dynamics

Forming to Performing: The Evolution of an Agile Team (Abstract)

Darren Rowley , First Data Utilities
Manfred Lange , First Data Utilities
pp. 408-414
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