The Community for Technology Leaders
Twenty-Third Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 1989. (1989)
Pacific Grove, California, USA
Oct. 30, 1989 to Nov. 1, 1989
ISBN: 0-929029-30-1

Deadbeat observer design for time varying systems (PDF)

J.J. Duffy , Rockwell International Corporation
pp. 547-551

Output power based partial adaptive array design (PDF)

K.A. Byerly , University of Colorado at Boulder
pp. 576-580

Adaptive signal processing applications of modified eigenvalue problem (PDF)

Kai-Bor Yu , GE Corporate Research & Development Center
pp. 581-585

Partitioned frequency domain adaptive filters (PDF)

P.C.W. Sommen , Eindhoven University of Technology
pp. 677-681

An epistemology of bayes estimation (PDF)

W. Stirling , Brigharn Young University
pp. 699-703

Filtering and estimation of a markov chain (PDF)

R.J. Elliott , University of Alberta
pp. 709-713

Simple bounds on the convolution of two signals (PDF)

P.M. Chirlian , Stevens Institute of Technology
pp. 728-730

Composite-scale gaussian filtering (PDF)

M. Vaezi , University of California
pp. 741-743

Robust cepstral based pitch determination (PDF)

M.S. Andrews , Visual Infomation Technologies
pp. 744-748

Synthetic aperture imaging with convex boundary arrays (PDF)

S.A. Kassam , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 782-786

Preprocessing for high resolution beamforming (PDF)

D. Abraham , Naval Underwater Systems Center
pp. 797-801

An adaptive spectral algorithm to extract objects from a scene (PDF)

D.P. Elliott , Rockwell International Coriparation
pp. 824-828

Point target tracker performance models (PDF)

P.F. Singer , Hughes Aircraft Co.
pp. 839-843

New results with oversampled converters (PDF)

F. Harris , San Diego State University
pp. 844-848

Binary and core residue arithmetic comparison (PDF)

G.A. Ray , Boeing High Technology Center
pp. 868-872

Digital communication in VLSI design (PDF)

D.G. Messerschmitt , University of California
pp. 888-892

Array bearnforming using orthogonal expansion (PDF)

Wen-Tai Lin , General Electric Company/CRD
pp. 955-960

Toeplitz-derived hermitian eigendecomposition (PDF)

M.P. Fargues , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 961-964

Wild components for layout design (PDF)

Hua An Zhao , Hiroshima University
pp. 980-984

On designing robust testable PLA for path delay faults (PDF)

B. Gupta , Southern Illinois University
pp. 999-1001

Global kinematics for manipulator planning and control (PDF)

J.W. Burdick , California Institute of Technology
pp. 1002-1007

An expert adaptive control system (PDF)

K.E. Reyneveld , University of California
pp. 1013-1016

Sequential diagnosability of t-diagnosable systems (PDF)

P.K. Srimani , Southern Illinois University
pp. 1022-1025

Legitixatz error-locator polynoxial equations over finite field (PDF)

M. Chinichian , Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne
pp. 1045-1047

Recursive minimum free energy spectral estimation (PDF)

J.M. Pimbley , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
pp. 1051-1055

Author index (PDF)

pp. 1061-1064
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