The Community for Technology Leaders
Twenty-Second Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (1988)
Pacific Grove, CA, USA
Oct. 31, 1988 to Nov. 2, 1988
ISSN: 1058-6393

Analog VLSI For Early Vision Processes (PDF)

B. Mathur , Rockwell International Science Center
pp. 507-510

Application Of Neural Networks To Adaptive Control (PDF)

R.K. Elsley , Rockwell International Science Center
pp. 517-522

Optical Flow From Real Images (PDF)

F. Girosi , dell'Univeraitfi di Genova
pp. 554-559

Reduced Order Kalman Filtering Of Moving Images (PDF)

J.B. Burl , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 565-567

Performance Analysis Of Root-music/sup */ (PDF)

B.D. Rao , In this paper, we analyze the performance of Root-Music, a variation of the popular MUSIC algorithm, for estimating the direction of arrival (DOA) of plane waves in white noise in the case of a linear equispaced sensor array. The performance of the method is analyzed by examining the perturbation in the roots of the polynomial formed in the intermediate step of Root-Music. In particular, aysmptotic results for the mean squared error in the estimates of the direction of arrival are derived. Simpl
K.V.S. Hari , Univ. of California
pp. 578-582

Cyclic Regression For Multiple Coherent Signal Estimation Via The EM Algorithm (PDF)

J.T. Lo , University of Maryland Baltimore County
pp. 603-607

An Analog CMOS Backward Error-propagation LSI (PDF)

B. Furman , University of California
pp. 645-648

Bounding Adaptive Filter Poles Using Kharitonov's Theorem (PDF)

T.F. Brennan , University of Wisconsin, Madison
pp. 658-662

Low Sidelobe Pulse Compression Waveforms (PDF)

F.F. Kretschmer , Naval Research Laboratory
pp. 663-667

Tomographic Radar Imaging Techniques (PDF)

S. Halevy , Teledyne Ryan Electronics
pp. 668-672

A Summary Of Estimation In Electrical Machine Systems (PDF)

J.H. Lang , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 701-705

A Fast Multi-valued Sbnr Multiplier (PDF)

B. Arnold , Space Tech Corporation
pp. 738-742

A VQ Tree Search System Based On Bit Level Systolic Arrays (PDF)

J.V. McCanny , The Queen's University of Belfast
pp. 743-747

A Logic Programming Approach For DSP Architectures Design (PDF)

M.A. Bayoumi , University of Southwestern Louisiana
pp. 753-757

2-D Constrained Harmonic Retrieval* (PDF)

M.H. Hayes , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 762-766

An Iterative Algorithm For Minimum Norm Constrained Extrapolation (PDF)

L.C. Potter , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
pp. 771-775

Optimal Speckle Reduction In Polarimetric Sar Imagery* (PDF)

L.M. Novak , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 781-793

Gamma Spike Circumvention Algorithm - Performance Analysis (PDF)

Hwang Chung , Satellite and Space Electronics Division
pp. 798-802

Optimal Element Plar-ement In Conformal Beamforming (PDF)

R. Leahy , University of Southern California
pp. 803-807

Multiply Replicated Arrays For Direction Of Arrival Estimation (PDF)

K.S. Arun , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 828-832

Non-classical Fault Detection In Dynamic CMOS (PDF)

M. Singh , California State University
pp. 876-879

The Motorola DSP96002 IEEE Floating-point Digital Signal Processor (PDF)

G.R.L. Sohie , Digital Signal Processor Operation
pp. 909-913

Adaptive Filtering Of Main Evoked Potentials (PDF)

G. Madhavan , McMaster University
pp. 924-928

Biomagnetic Imaging: A View From Fourier Space (PDF)

W.J. Dallas , University of Arizona
pp. 933-937

Motion Analysis From Three-dimensional Profiles And The Applications (PDF)

Hua Lee , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
pp. 950-954

Intensity Dependent Spread Filters (PDF)

M.J. Silberniann , University of California
pp. 967-970

Image Recognition By Human Decision Makers (PDF)

D.D. Sworder , Univ. of Calif., San Diego
pp. 971-975

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